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March 2018 Society Auction

Closing 26 March 2018

Lot Description M/B Realized

Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.


1 British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Jacmel. Scott #A31, Used, VF. This is Great Britain Scott #57 canceled with an oval #C59” obliteration. A very scarce issue; rather rare for this high value denomination British postage stamp used in Haiti. (These usages are listed in the Haiti section of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 under the heading of Great Britain Post Offices in Haiti.) The 2017 Scott Specialized Catalogue value is $500.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 1 image $90.00  
2 Scott #7. Mint and VF. 2.50  
3 #8. Selection of fifty-seven copies of this issue mounted on an album page. Most stamps are Used, with some Mint No Gum. Overall condition is Good to Fine. Excellent source of variety issues such as #8a and #8d, and a good lot for working position numbers in a reconstruction of a sheet. High catalog value. 25.00  
4 #10b. MNG condition, VF. 3.25  
5 #10. Selection of thirty-seven used copies on an album page. Overall Fine condition. Some copies have a light pencil annotation of the position of the stamps in a sheet of fifty. Nice Lot. Catalogue Value over $55.00 10.00  
6 #19-20. Mint, Fine. Catalogue Value: $62.50 20.00  
7 #21-24. Complete set in Mint, F-VF condition, except for #23 Used. Catalogue Value is $51.85 12.00  
8 #24. MNG, Fine; some light yellow stain color noted on the gummed side, which does not show on the face of stamp. Good margins and good color. Catalogue value $50.00 8.00  
9 #23. Imperforate example, MNG, see footnote Scott Catalogue. Scarce item in Fine condition. 10.00  
10 #26-27. Forty-two copies of each issue. Numerous position numbers identified for reconstruction of a 50 stamp sheet layout. Numbers lightly annotated at top of stamps in light pencil and also on the gum side. For Scott #26 the following positions included: 1, 2, 7, 11-12, 14-21, 26, 30-33 38, 43, and 40. For Scott #27, the following positions are identified: #2, 14-15, 17-19, and 47. Overall condition of the lot is Fine; no damaged stamps. 8.00  
11 #28-30. A selection of twenty-nine mostly Used issues with numbered positions identified on a stock sheet. There are four copies of Scott #28 with positions 6-7, 11, and 14. There are twenty-three copies of Scott #20 with positions #3-4, 5, 17, 19, 20, 24-28, 33, 35, 37, 38, 46, and 48. There are two examples of Scott #30 with positions 3 and 5. Lot is in Fine condition. No damaged stamps. 4.00  
12 #29-30. Thirty-five copies of Scott #29 and twenty-five copies of Scott #30. Some copies of these issues bear town cancellations. Good lot for re-construction of sheet work. No damaged stamps. Fine. Catalogue Value over $80.00 10.00  
13 #32-43. Mint and VF. 4.00  
14 #39, 40, 42. All in blocks of four, MNH, and VF. The 2017 Edition of the Scott Classic Catalogue notes the value of the blocks at $40.20 8.50  
15 #47. Trial color Plate Proofs (see Scott catalog) of this issue in Pairs showing five different colors. VF condition. Catalogue Value of pairs range between $30-40 per pair. VF condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 15 image 30.00  
16 "#67-81". A set of forgeries of all values of the fifteen stamps issued of President Sam. Very Fine condition. 5.00  
17 #69a. Inverted OP. MNG, VF. Genuine Overprint. 1.50  
18 "#71a". A forgery showing an Inverted Overprint, Mint,VF. 1.00  
19 "#76-76a". Issues with Forged Overprints. "#76" is a forgery and is a Used copy that appears to have been postally used with a Port au Prince cancel. "#76a" is a forgery showing an Inverted Overprint, MNG copy. 1.50  
20 #81. A Mint copy in Fine condition with a Genuine Overprint. Catalogue Value $25.00 8.00  
21 #89//403. Collection mounted on Scott album pages (seven). All stamps (eighty-six) are Mint (#370-382 are in MNH condition). Lot in VF condition. Catalogue Value over $55.00 10.00  
22 #103. Horizontal pair with Inverted Overprints in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value $10.00 6.00  
23 #110-124. Complete set in Mint and Used condition mounted on an album page. Very fine condition. Catalogue Value $101.40 Link to Society Auction Lot 23 image 30.00  
24 #121a. Mint with Inverted OP. Catalogue Value $18.00 VF condition. 8.00  
25 #130. Mint with extremely light hinge mark. Stamp centering is off to the left. Otherwise in excellent condition. Catalogue Value is $25.00 7.25  
26 #151. Two pairs. One a horizontal pair with the surcharge missing on one stamp; the second a vertical pair with one stamp with an Inverted surcharge. All in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value of normal stamps would be $30.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 26 images 15.00  
27 #152. A beautiful block of eight with Inverted surcharges in MNH condition. A very desirable block with errors. Normal stamps without the error priced in Scott Catalogue (2017 Edition) at $60.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 27 image 40.00  
28 #153. MNH with Inverted surcharge and Scott #218, vertical pair, MNH, with Inverted surcharge. All in VF condition. 2017 Scott Catalogue Value for normal stamps would be $23.50 10.00  
29 #156. MNH, VF with Inverted surcharge. 4.00  
30 #159. Used with Inverted surcharge. A scarce issue with this error. VF condition. 5.00  
31 #162-165. Mint. VF. Catalogue Value $26.45 8.50  
32 #241. Vertical strip of 3; bottom stamp with clear Double surcharge. MNH. VF condition. Strip with all normal stamps has a Catalogue Value of $36.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 32 image 18.50  
33 #242. A MNH, VF copy of this scarce issue. Scott value (2017 Edition) for a never hinged example of this issue is $400.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 33 image 125.00  
34 #263. Horizontal pair with one stamp with a Double surcharge. MNH, VF condition. 5.00  
35 #268-269. Mint, VF. 2.00  
36 #312-313. Used examples with “T.M.” overprints converting them to revenue stamps. See Scott footnote. Very Fine condition. 2.00  
37 #321 and #C2. A First Day Cover of these two postal issues (both issued 4 November 1929). Cover posted at Port au Prince and addressed to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with arrival marking of 6 November 1929. Postage paid with a block of four of #321 and a copy of #C2. Included with this Lot is a Used block of four of #321. VF condition. 5.00  
38 #320. A First Day Issue local mailing on a Postal Stationery card, posted at Port au Prince (6 February 1928). Additional postage paid with #249. Lindbergh red plane cachet applied. VF condition. 5.00  
39 #342, 344-345. On FDCs on mail addressed to New York. Included also is a censored cover paid with three copies of #344, posted in Port au Prince on 20 November 1943 and mailed to New Jersey, USA. VF condition. 5.00  
40 #349-352. A censored cover on a First Day of Issue. Mailing posted in Port au Prince on 6 September 1943 and addressed to the USA. Also included in the Lot is another censored cover addressed to the USA and paid with copies of Scott #351 and #353. Good to Fine condition. 6.00  
41 #357. A horizontal pair in Used condition. The left stamp has the surcharge denomination “0.02” out of alignment for the “.02” . Also included is a MNH copy of this issue with a Double Surcharge. VF condition. 9.00  
42 #410-411. In a sheet of twenty, as issued. MNH and VF condition. 1.00  
43 #417-420, #C113-114. In blocks of four, MNH,VF. Catalogue Value is $20.20 5.00  
44 #442-443, #C136-138. As issued in blocks of twenty, MNH, VF. A scarce issue to find in a complete set of sheets. 5.00  
45 #462-465, #C163-165. On a FDC, VF. 1.25  
46 #482. Sheet of fifty, Used, cancelled Port au Prince 22 November 1972. VF condition. Catalogue Value $12.50 3.25  
47 #524. Sheet of twenty-five, as issued. Used and VF. 1.75  
48 #548-555. Blocks of four, MNH,VF. 4.00  
49 #548, #553. Blocks of twenty, Used, VF. Olympic topical issue. 1.50  
50 #575, #577. In sheets of thirty, as issued. Used and VF condition. Catalogue Value $15.00 3.50  
51 #593-595. #C306-398. In blocks of four, MNH,VF. Catalogue Value $10.08 2.50  
52 #596-598, #C310-313. Blocks of four, MNH,VF. Catalogue Value $12.40 3.00  
53 #610, #C324-325. MNH, VF. 1.50  
54 #611-615, C326-329. In blocks of four, MNH condition. VF condition. Catalogue Value $114.00 22.00  
55 #616P-616Q. Souvenir Sheets, perforate and imperforate, in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value $32.00 14.00  
56 "#616P-616Q". These are the 2 Gourde sheets mentioned in the footnote in Scott Catalogue. Sheets in MNH, VF condition. 8.00  
57 #631-633, #C354-356. In blocks of four, MNH, VF. Catalogue Value is $62.00 18.00  
58 #675-676. Football issue. Sheets of thirty, as issued. In MNH and VF condition. Catalogue Value $15.00 4.00  
59 #731-733, #C499-506. In blocks of four, MNH and VF. Catalogue Value $41.00 10.00  
60 #738-741. MNH, VF. 2.00  
61 #742-747. MNH, VF. 2.25  
62 #760-770. MNH, VF. 5.00  
63 #770B-770I. MNH, VF. 2.50  
64 #818-823. In blocks of four. MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value $44.00 10.00  
65 #877. Block of four, MNH and #878 in a horizontal pair Used with a clear cancellation. All VF. 3.00  
66 #917-918. Used (NOT CTO). These are the two high values of the Chinese invention issue of 1999 in VF condition. 7.50  
67 #B14-17, #CB24-27. Blocks of four, MNH, VF. Catalogue Value $18.20 4.50  
68 #C1-4. MNH, VF. this set is very difficult to find in this condition. The 2017 Scott Catalogue values the set at $9.00 (undervalued) 5.00  
69 #C19a-21a. Imperforate souvenir sheets in Mint, VF condition. Catalogue Value $75.00 20.00  
70 #C81-C85. Registered, FDC with Port au Prince cancellation to New York (6 December 1954). 1.25  
71 #C91-96. MNH, VF condition. 1.00  
72 #C125a. MNH, VF condition. 2.25  
73 #C214-215, #C216-218. Mint, VF. 1.00  
74 #CB1-CB2. Mint examples. #CB1 has a very small piece of paper on the gum side; otherwise a VF copy. #CB2 has a thin on gum side not showing on the face of the stamp. Otherwise condition is VF. 7.00  
75 #CB7a-CB8a. Souvenir Sheets in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue Value $80.00 25.00  
76 "#CB34a". Souvenir Sheet issued for the 18th Boy Scout World Conference in MNH, VF condition. Although not assigned a separate catalogue number by Scott, it is footnoted immediately after the listing for the three perforate sheet stamps. 1.25  
77 #CO6-9. Mint and VF. 2.00  
78 #J1-J15, J17, J19-24. All Mint VF. The 2017 Scott Catalogue value is $107.40 35.00  
79 #J16. A MNH, VF example, of this scarce issue in this condition. The 2017 Scott Catalogue Value is $30.00 13.50  
80 #Q5-6. MNH, VF. 1.00  
81 Currency Bank Note. Block of six of a 25c Bank Note issue, printed by Homer Lee Bank Note Company. This is a SPECIMEN copy recognizable as such because of serial number “000”. Excellent condition. See a companion listing for a 50c denomination, which was offered as Lot 90 in our September 2017 Society Auction. That Specimen block realized $160.00, against a minimum bid of $10.00 Link to Society Auction Lot 81 image 20.00  
82 Revenue Stamps. Four (4) different alcohol revenue stamps in MNH, VF condition. 7.25  


Folded Letters and Covers

82A Folded Letter (FL). Port au Prince (26 November 1826) to France. “Colonies Par Bordeaux” marking. Good condition for its age. Link to Society Auction Lot 82A image 15.00  
83 FL Jacmel (10 June 1866) to Paris via London (28 June 1866) and Calais (29 June 1866). GB:1F60 and 8 decimes due markings. FL with readable message. Link to Society Auction Lot 83 image 10.00  
84 Cover. Port au Prince (18 November 1893) to New York (26 November 1893). Paid with Scott #29 2). Good to Fine condition. 6.00  
85 Cover. Les Cayes (29 December 1893) to New York (8 January 1893). Paid with #28 and #36. VF condition. 7.50  
86 Cover. Port-au-Paix (13 February 1901) via Port au Prince by courier (receiving Port au Prince on 16 February 1901) to New York City (26 February 1901). Paid with #59 & #62. VF condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 86 image 13.00  
87 Cover. Registered mail, Port au Prince (13 July ??) to Bordeaux (receiving postmark not readable but shows the year being “03”). Paid with #59 (2) and #62. VF. 5.00  
88 Three covers from Port au Prince (1904, 1907 and 1912) to Bordeaux, and an additional one mailed from Jacmel (12 October 1923). Good to Fine condition. 6.00  
89 Cover. Three covers addressed to the USA. Two posted in Port au Prince (13 April 1906 and 13 July 1906). The third cover posted in Jeremie (12 September 1915). Fine to VF. 6.00  
90 Cover. Registered mail, Cayes (February ??) to Bordeaux (receiving unreadable date) via New York (1 March 1907). Sender of mail (Pharmacia Centrale in Cayes) posted the mail on 1 February 1907. Paid with #126 (5). VF. 5.00  
91 Cover. Presidential mail. Registered mail, Port au Prince (7 November 1907) to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (15 November 1907). Paid with #132 and #134. F-VF. Link to Society Auction Lot 91 image 7.00  
92 Cover. Port au Prince (5 February 1909) to USA. Paid With #131. VF. 1.00  
93 Cover. Port au Prince (26 June 1913) to USA. Paid with #126 (3) and #125. Cover has some old age stains not affecting the stamps. Otherwise a Fine cover. 2.00  
94 Cover. Port au Prince (4 August 1914) to Cayes. Paid with #147. Fine condition. 3.00  
95 Cover. Unreadable originating postal station addressed to Paris, France (30 ? 1915). Paid with #125 and #162 (2). VF. 2.00  
96 Cover. Small cover, local mail (Port au Prince, December 1915); addressed to Judge Leon Montes. Paid with #238. Fine-VF condition. 2.00  
97 Cover. Cap Haitien (27 October 1922) to Paris via Port au Prince (30 October 1922). Paid with #314. Fine. 1.25  
98 Cover, US Marine Corps Port au Prince station mail. Two covers to the USA posted May 1923 and 29 September 1924. Paid with 2 cents US postage each. F-VF condition. 8.00  
99 Cover. Airmail, Port au Prince (4 December 1925) to Cap Haitien. Paid with #318. AVION type 3 cachet (supposed to be first official use of this post mark). VF condition. 6.00  
100 Selection of four Registered Mail covers posted in Port au Prince (1926(2), 1928 and 1945); three addressed to New York City and the fourth to Portland, Oregon. Nice lot with variety of postal issues used in the mailings. F-VF condition. 6.00  
101 Cover. Airmail, Port au Prince (19 April 1927) to Port-au-Paix (19 April 1927). Paid with #319 (2), #316 (2) and #314. Red “AVION” cancel applied to all stamps. Horizontal fold on bottom of cover, otherwise VF. Link to Society Auction Lot 101 image 8.50  
102 Cover. Local mail, Port au Prince. Three covers with posted dates of 1927 (2) and 1928. F-VF condition. 3.50  
103 Registered mail, Port au Prince (February 1928) to New York (15 February 1928). Paid with #317 (3). VF condition. 4.00  
104 Cover. First flight of the “SANTA MARIA” (West Indian Aerial Express Inauguration). Port au Prince (28 February 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (28 February 1928). Cover signed by pilot B.L. Rowe. Paid with #316 and #318. VF. 10.00  
105 Small cover, Port-ax-Paix (4 June 1935) to Port au Prince (6 June 1935). Paid with #327 (2). VF condition. 3.00  
106 Cover. Airmail, Port au Prince (5 July 1937) to Germany (received at Nurnberg 17 July 1937). Paid with #C8 (2), #327 and #329 (2). VF condition. 4.50  
107 Cover. Commercial mail, local, Port au Prince 12 October 1942. Ad of BLEU GUIMET paints. Paid with #330. Stamp cancelled with commemorative Columbus Day postmark. VF. 1.25  
108 Cover. Local mail, Port au Prince (6 December 1942). This is a Service Officiel mail of the Banque Nationale de Haiti, paid with affixed copy of #C13. VF condition. 1.25  
109 Cover. PAQUEBOT mail posted on a Panama Line ship. Marking of “Panama Line. Posted On the High Seas” in blue color. Clear postmark of Cristobal, Canal Zone (25 March 1954). Paid with #357 and #403. VF condition. 3.00  
110 Cover. Cayes (15 November ??) to New York, paid with #125 (2) and #126. VF condition. 1.50  
111 Selection of six covers sent by the National Bank of Haiti to Paris, France. Mailings made between 1915 and 1922. National Bank mailings were made by their branches in Jeremie, Gonaives, Jacmel and Port au Prince (3). Clear dated postal cancellation on all covers, Fine condition. 10.00  


Postal Stationery

112 Higgins & Gage Catalogue (H&G). Two (2) Formula Cards No 9. An Unused example with Scott #21 and the second one with #23 affixed to the cards. VF condition. 4.50  
113 H&G #3 posted in Port au Prince (11 March 1899) to Boston. with a New York receiving mark of 16 March 1899. Card has message in English and is in VF condition. 4.00  
114 H&G #2. Used, unaddressed with favor cancellation at Jacmel, 27 May 1900?. Very Fine. 1.00  
115 H&G #5 (Response card only). Port au Prince (25 March 1905) to Wilmersdorg, Germany (19 April 1905). Paid with an additional 1 centime stamp affixed (#96); VF. 4.50  
116 Post Card. Port au Prince (30 November 1905) paid with #96-97. Color cachet of H. & A. Stecher, a Forwarding Agent in Port au Prince. The card was apparently misrouted.

Despite being posted to an address in Proskau, Germany (where it ultimately received a receiving cancel on 25 December 1905), it bears a postmark of 'CHI. & KANS CITY / R.P.O.' (9 December 1905). This cancel was applied during transit of the card and is from the Chicago & Kansas City Railway Post Office, probably when the misrouting was discovered and corrected by forwarding the card on to its intended destination.

A very interesting item in Fine condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 116 images
117 H&G card #1. Cap Haitien (unreadable cancellation) to Le Havre, France. Added #55 to pay for the 3c rate. Single line text message on reverse; VF. 2.00  
118 H&G card #2. Port au Prince (20 January ??) to Paris. #96 added to pay the 3c rate. Readable message. VF condition. 2.50  
119 Letter Card. The 1906 issue card. Unused example with all perforate edges intact. Excellent condition. H&G Catalogue priced it at $8.00 2.50  
120 Post Cards. Two PCs in color. One postmarked in Port au Prince 13 May 190?. The other postmarked in Cap Haitien 14 May 1927. Neither address nor message on either card; VF. Link to Society Auction Lot 120 images 3.75  
121 PC. Lindbergh Souvenir Card. Local mail posted in Port au Prince on 7 February 1928. Paid with #320 on back of this color PC. VF condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 121 images 6.00  



122 The Postal History of Forwarding Agents, Kenneth Rowe; 1984, Hard cover, 280 pages. In like new condition. Includes data and postal markings of all known Forwarding Agents in Haiti. Unique and indispensable reference for the Haiti collector or specialist. 20.00  
123 Phantom Philately, Frederick J. Melville. Soft cover, 204 pages and in VF condition. Includes Haiti known issues with illustrations. 3.00  
124 150 Ans D’Histoire Postale Ses Anciennes Colonies Francaises 1700-1860, Maurice Jamet. Soft Cover, 295 pages, in excellent condition. Pages 45 to 86 pertain to Haiti. Includes extensive pictures of post marks of many of Haiti’s postal stations of the period. A valuable reference source of information. 20.00  
125 Congress Book, 1984 edition. Hard cover, like new. This edition includes among its ten excellent essays, F.B. Sellers' "Salomon of Haiti & His Philatelic Legacy", pages 104-128. Fully illustrated. 10.00  
126 Congress Book, 1985 edition. Hard cover, like new. This edition includes among its eight essays, Carroll Lloyd’s, "Haiti : The Liberty Heads – Plate Reconstruction of the 2 centime Reengraved Stamp of 1866"; pages 107-116. Fully illustrated. 10.00  


End of auction