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June 2018 Society Auction

Closing 25 June 2018

Lot Description M/B Realized

Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.


1 British Postal Agency in Haiti, office in Port au Prince. Scott #A55, Plate 16, in Very Good condition. The stamp is an example of Great Britain Scott #70 cancelled with an oval “E53” obliteration. (These usages are listed in the Haiti section of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 under the heading of Great Britain Post Offices in Haiti.) Catalogue value $210.00 $45.00 No Bids
2 Scott #1. Used, two examples. One cancelled at Port au Prince on 30 ? 1883, and the other at Cap Haitien on 20 July 1882. Also two copies of #3, Used. One cancelled at Port au Prince on 21 ? 1882, and the other at Cap Haitien on 10 March ?. All examples in VF condition. 9.00  
3 #2. Mint and VF with excellent margins. This is an example of Position number 4 in a reconstruction of a sheet of 50. 4.75  
4 #3. Mint, VF, with good margins. Catalogue Value $22.50 7.75  
5 #4. Used, very fine, good margins, bearing a partial 1882 cancellation. Catalogue Value $16.00 4.50  
6 #5. Selection of six Used examples identified with position numbers on a reconstruction sheet of 50. F-VF condition. Position numbers are #5, 25, 31, 35, 39, 40, and 44. 8.00  
7 #19. Two copies, Mint, No Gum. Color variety samples. VF condition. Catalogue Value $85.00 Link to Auction Lot 7 image 22.00  
8 #20. Mint, VF condition. Catalogue Value $20.00 8.00  
9 #24. Mint with very good color. Very Fine condition. Catalogue Value $50.00 17.00  
10 #25. Block of four, MNH, a very nice block with good margins and centering. VF condition. Catalogue Value $60.00 Link to Auction Lot 10 image 20.00  
11 #43. Beautiful block of fifteen, MNH. Very Fine condition. Catalogue Value $112.00 30.00  
12 #49. Block of four. Plate Proof of this issue. VF condition. Scott values a pair of this proof between $30.00 and $40.00 12.00  
13 #52-66 in Mint condition, except #55 is Used, VF. 3.00  
14 #70, 72, 75-77. All with Inverted Overprints in Mint condition (#72, #75 are MNG). VF condition. 12.00  
15 #83-88. Imperforate examples with good margins in Mint, VF condition. 2.00  
16 #89, 91, 93 and 94. Used copies with Inverted Overprints, type small “Poste Paye". VF condition. 10.00  
17 #113. Mint with Inverted Overprint. VF. 3.00  
18 #128. MNG, VF condition. 1.50  
19 #130. Mint; excellent centering and margins. Very Fine condition. 9.00  
20 #142. Mint and VF condition. 5.50  
21 #218. Inverted Overprint in MNH, VF condition. A normal MNH example is valued at $8.00 4.75  
22 #275. Mint and VF. 2.00  
23 #305. Mint with good centering and margins. Very Fine condition. 6.00  
24 #348. Used, VF. Catalogue Value $9.00 2.00  
25 #384, C47-48 and RA9-16. A special Souvenir Folder prepared and issued by the Haiti Postal Administration for the International Exposition and containing the issues commemorating the Bicentenary of Port au Prince. VF condition. 5.00  
26 #410-411. Sheetlet of twenty, in MNH, VF condition. See footnote in Scott Catalogue 3.25  
27 #417-20, C113-14. Blocks of four. MNH VF. 4.50  
28 #440. Full sheet of twenty-five, as issued, in MNH, VF condition. 2.00  
29 #466-68. In sheets of twelve, as issued, with commemorative inscriptions and opening bars of music. Sheets are MNH and VF. Catalogue Value is $28.20 9.00  
30 #472-74, C177-79. Blocks of six, MNH, VF. 5.00  
31 #482. Sheet of fifty. Used, VF. Port au Prince cancel. 3.25  
32 #524. Sheet of twenty-five, as issued, Used and VF. 1.75  
33 #577-78. Sheets of thirty, Used and VF. 3.75  
34 #593-95, C306-08. Blocks of four, MNH, VF. 2.50  
35 #610, C324-25. Blocks of four, MNH, VF. 1.25  
36 #616-616O. Used set, VF. 5.00  
37 #616P-616Q. Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF. 8.00  
38 #639-639O. Blocks of four in Perforate and Imperforate Sets. MNH, VF. Beautiful blocks. Catalogue Value $128.00 30.00  
39 #643-46, C366-68. Blocks of four, MNH, VF. 3.50  
40 #675-76. Football issue of 1973. Blocks of thirty in MNH, VF condition. 4.00  
41 #802. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 7.50  
42 #849-853. Used set, VF. Scarce, undervalued. 5.00  
43 #894. Sheet of six, as issued, in MNH VF condition. Catalogue Value $42.00 20.00  
44 #913. Sheet of sixteen, as issued, MNH, VF. 3.50  
45 #926. Souvenir Sheet. MNH, VF. A scarce and undervalued issue. 9.00  
46 #C2. A FDC, Port au Prince (4 November 1929) to the US. Additional postage added (#321 in Block of four and a single); VF condition. 2.00  
47 #C4A. Mint and VF. A very scarce airmail issue with a Catalogue Value of $75.00 35.00  
48 #C22-23. Two sets of this issue (MNH and Used) along with a cover mailed in 1945 from Port au Prince to the US, the latter paid with a copy of #C22. Very Fine condition. 1.00  
49 "#C85" design. Printed in black and mauve, this example is one of several Haitian designs originally printed by Waterlow and Sons Ltd. for Haiti, but subsequently released in alternate colors as Specimen Sample Stamps, to highlight the firm's production capabilities when seeking new business. Very fine copy. See Sample Specimen Stamps, Robson Lowe Ltd, March 1968, card cover, 17 pages, and "Waterlow Sample Stamps" by Peter C. Jeannopoulos, Haiti Philately, V:2, April-May-June 1979, pages 26-27. 4.00  
50 #C114a; Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 1.50  
51 #C163-65, C165a, MNH, VF. 4.00  
52 #C176a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 1.25  
53 #B1, Mint, VF-Excellent example. 10.00  
54 #CB8. MNH, VF. 18.00  
55 #CB10-15. MNH, VF. 1.00  
56 #B14-17, CB24-27. Blocks of four, MNH, VF. 4.00  
57 #CB22-23. MNH, VF. 1.00  
58 #CB37-38 and CB40-41. MNG, VF. 1.50  
59 #J20. Mint and VF. 19.00  
60 #RA1-16. Mint and VF. 3.75  
61 Revenue Stamp. A MNH and VF copy of a 5 Gourde “Obligation Pedigre” revenue stamp. 4.50  
62 Revenue Stamps. Selection of ten stamps, Mint and Used copies. F-VF. 2.00  
63 Town Cancellations. Selection of dated Port au Print cancellations on examples of Scott #23-25, 28-30, 35-37, 39, 43, 47. Fine. 2.50  
64 1906 Issues (for Foreign Postage) only. Used and VF. Included also rarer examples of #150-56 in Used, VF condition. 3.00  
65 Selection of 152 stamps; issues dated in the 1920-1950 period. Stamps are in Mint and Used condition. No damaged stamps. Includes regular, airmails, postal tax and semi-postal; all mounted on blank album pages. 5.00  
66 Forgeries of the Coat of Arms Issue of 1892-1896. Selection of 17 examples Mint. VF condition. 2.25  


Folded Letters

67 Folded Letter (FL). Port au Prince (13 ? 1763) to Laval with “Col Par Nantes” marking on front of FL. Two page clear/clean message. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 67 image 30.00  
68 FL; Port au Prince (11 Nov 1772 ?) to Cap Gilbert ?? Two page message. Fine condition. Upon request, photo can be provided for magnification / inspection purposes. Link to Auction Lot 68 image 15.00  
69 FL; Port au Prince (20 August 1881) to London with three page message. Red color circle on back of FL. Fair to Good. Link to Auction Lot 69 image 8.00  
70 FL; Liverpool Ship Letter. Appears to have been mailed in Haiti on 24 October 1834 via New York and addressed to London receiving on 24 December 1834 ?? No message. Fair condition. Link to Auction Lot 70 image 10.00  
71 FL; Jacmel (8 May 1849) to Havre (5 June 1849). Royal Mail packet letter with a VF strike of Jacmel in double circle and a strike of the Anglo-French Treaty accounting marking. No message. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 71 image 20.00  
72 FL; Jacmel (11 October 1861) to Reims, France (31 October 1861) via London (29 October 1861) and Calais and Paris (30 October 1861). “GB 1F60” marking on front with “8 “ (decimes) due (the single rate in France at the time). VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 72 image 20.00  
73 FL; Jacmel (12 May 1863) to Port au Prince. Long clean message. Hinge on back of FL in order to reinforce its integrity. Good condition otherwise. Link to Auction Lot 73 image 8.00  
74 FL; Port au Prince (24 May 1864) to Marseille, France via London (28 June 1864) and Calais, France (18 June 1864). Long message included. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 74 image 10.00  
75 FL; Port au Prince (8 January 1866) via Jacmel (10 January 1866) to Reims, France (31 January 1866). Receiving in London on 30 January 1866 and in Paris on 31 January 1866. “GB 1F60” marking and 10 decimes due. Message included. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 75 image 15.00  
76 FL; Port au Prince (22 September 1866) via Jacmel (25 September 1866), London (15 October 1866) and Calais (16 October 1866) to Paris. Text message included with proper markings. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 76 image 15.00  
77 FL; Cap Francois (23 ??) to France. Origination of mail, dates and destination not clear. “Colonie Par Rochefort” marking very clear on front of FL. Two page message included. Condition is Poor. Upon request, a photo of this FL will be provided for magnification and inspection purposes. Link to Auction Lot 77 image 5.00  
78 FL; addressed to Santo Domingo. Two page message. No origination or dates shown. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 78 image 5.00  



79 Cover. Cap Francais to Paris. Dated 1788. Fair to Good condition. Link to Auction Lot 79 image 10.00  
80 Cover. Port au Prince (8 January 1902) to New York. Paid with #59(2). Fine condition. 2.00  
81 Cover. Port-de-Paix (12? December? 1909) to Chicago. Receiving mark New York, 29 December 1909. Paid with #77. F-VF. 5.00  
82 Cover. Registered mail, Boston, Massachusetts (25 April 1922) via New York (26 August 22) to Port au Prince (9 September 1922). Paid with pair of US Scott #C1. Mail addressed to Judge Leon Montes. Fine condition. 2.50  
83 Cover. Registered mail, Port-de-Paix (20 November 1922) to Port au Prince (24 November 1922). Paid with #311(3). Fine. 2.50  
84 Cover. First Flight, Cap Haitien (19 April 1926) to Port au Prince (20 April 1926). Paid with #318. Mail carried by USMC carrier. Flight identified as Fields #3. Very Fine condition. 8.00  
85 Covers. Issues of 1924 (#315 and 316). Three covers with #315 (two are local Port au Prince letters, while the third is from Aux Cayes, posted To New York, paid with a horizontal strip of five). The letters were posted in 1925, 1928 and 1931. The mailing paid with #316 is a Port au Prince local mail item on an official envelope of the Postal Administration and is dated 1 October 1929. All covers are in VF condition and are mounted on album pages with write up. 8.00  
86 Covers. Issue of 1929 (#321). Three covers (two Port au Prince local mail covers and one Port au Prince to Santo Domingo, postmarked 4 November 1929). One of the Port au Prince local mail covers is postmarked 27 March 1931 and bears the special cancellation honoring the visit to Port au Prince by U.S. Senator King. All covers are VF and are mounted on album pages with write up. 7.00  
87 Cover. St Louis de Sud (15 September 1931) via Port au Prince (16 September 1931) to France. Postage used for mailing fees was not cancelled at the originating post office but shows however on the front of cover. Postage stamps were subsequently cancelled at Port au Prince, however. Condition Fine to VF. Link to Auction Lot 87 image 10.00  
88 Cover. Jeremie (no date) to New York via Port au Prince (30? January 1932). Paid with #323 with a K.N.S.M cancellation. The back of the cover bears a large purple oval marking of sender of this mail “L.A. Roumer, Jeremie, Haiti”. Fine to VF condition. 2.00  
89 Cover. Airmail. Port au Prince (29 March 1937) to Springfield, Massachusetts. Paid with #325 and #336(2). VF condition. 2.00  
90 Covers. The Issue of 1941 (#338-39, #C12). Three covers Port au Prince to New York posted in during the 1942-1943 time period. These are censored covers with Haiti and US censor labels. VF condition and mounted on album pages with write-up. 6.00  
91 Covers. Selection of seven covers to the US posted in Port au Prince (except for one cover posted in Cap Haitien). Variety of postal issues used. Covers were posted between 1941-1957 and are in VF condition. 4.00  
92 Covers. Three First Day Covers mailed to Paris. Covers are for #417-20, 424-25, 415, C109, and C120. VF condition. 2.25  
93 Covers. Five Port au Prince covers addressed to Florida destinations. Exact mailing dates not readable (but occurred in the 1960s) except for one with a postmark on 11 December 1963. Various postal issues used on the mailings. Fine condition. 3.00  
94 Covers. Six Petion-Ville covers to Florida, postmarked during the 1982-1983 time period. Mailings were paid with a variety of nice stamps of the period. Noted one mailing was paid with an example of #C439; a postal issue rarely seen used on a mailing. All covers are very clean, VF condition. 6.00  



95 Wrapper Mail posted in Port au Prince (November 1975) to a Florida address. This is a good example of airmail service used to forward a copy of 'Bulletin 22', Nov 1975, of the Episcopalian Church of Haiti. Mailing paid with #C421, RAC22, RA39. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 95 image 4.00  
96 Postal Stationery. An example of H&G #3 posted in Port au Prince (12 January 1901) and addressed to Berlin (receiving date not clear). Very Fine condition. 2.00  
97 Postal Stationery. Group of seven Post Cards in Mint, VF condition. Included are: H&G #1, 3, 4, 6 (two copies with one a color variety of the card), 14 and 15. 6.00  
98 HPS Special Study No. 3, Haiti’s First Flights, Barbara A. Levine, 2015, 45 pages. Copy is in new condition. 10.00  
99 HPS Special Study No. 1, Haiti’s 1902 Provisional Issue, Peter C. Jeannopoulos, 2008, 118 pages fully illustrated. Copy is in new condition. 12.00  


End of auction