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September 2015 Society Auction

Closed September 25, 2015

Lot Description M/B Realized


Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.

Special Selection

1 Perforate Liberty Heads, 20 centimes issue, Scott #13, plate 3 printing. A reconstruction of the full sheet of 50. No sheet margins, and multiple hinge mounting to piece of thin card to support perforations. Several separations of the perforations, but artful use of support maintains the appearance of this reconstruction. Stamps are all nicely centered (unusual for this). From the Carroll Lloyd collection. VF. A scarce showpiece in nice condition. Catalog value as singles $750.00. Link to Auction Lot 1 image $150.00 $430.00
2 Perforate Liberty Heads, 2 centimes, plate 3 printing, 23 unused and 1 used examples on an album page with plating grid (Scott #8d red violet). Centering good, and condition generally fine. CV about $170.00 Link to Auction Lot 2 image
40.00 52.00
3 Perforate Liberty Heads, 7 centimes, 37 unused copies on an album page with plating grid. Ultramarine shade, Scott #12. Some color shades. Fine condition and good centering. CV about $590.00 Link to Auction Lot 3 image
125.00 152.00
4 Perforate Liberty Heads, 5 centimes yellow green shade, Scott #10a, plate 2, first printing, 28 unused copies on an album page with plating grid. Good centering; fine condition. CV about $217.00 Link to Auction Lot 4 image
30.00 54.00
5 Essays: A set of postage due unaccepted design essays. Nine values from 1 to 50 (centimes), hinge mounted on an album page from the Dr. Hennan collection. In the design are the words "HAITI" and "chiffre taxe". Date and place of printing not known. These essays are not mentioned in the Montes' handbook. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 5 image
50.00 178.00
6 Postage due singles lightly hinged to album page: including J1 - J4 mint; used set of J1 - J4, including two of J2; also a mint overprinted J5 - J8 set, with two of J5; and two examples of red overprint J9 mint. Sixteen in all, well preserved and VF. Catalogue Value about $35.00
10.00 22.00
7 Postage due mint singles, J10 - J20, two each of J14, J16, J18, J19 showing overprint varieties, lightly hinged to an album page. CV about $100.00. Stamps have been well cared for and are in VF Condition.
25.00 37.00
8 Postage due, J6, 5c red brown horizontal strip of four, two stamps normal, two without overprint (error), also J6, J7, J8 mint singles. In addition, mint J17, J18 single plus a pair, J19 mint plus two used examples, and J20 one mint and one used. CV about $125.00 Link to Auction Lot 8 image
100.00 124.00
9 Postage due, mint singles J10 - J20, including two examples of J11. All nice clean copies, hinge mounted on an album page. F-VF. CV about $95.00
25.00 28.00
10 Postage due, J20, block of 4 mint (CV $180.00 as singles), lightly hinged to album page along with the 10 stamps of the "stolen" issue in mint singles. Also on another page, a mint single of J2 and used singles of the postal tax set RA1 - RA8. All items in F to VF condition. Catalog Value about $200.00
50.00 87.00
11 #242, boxed 1c in carmine on 50c Nord Alexis with larger "POSTE PAYE", mint never hinged horizontal pair with sheet margin. The overprints are well struck. A colorful, VF example of this stamp. CV as singles $250. Link to Auction Lot 11 image
100.00 135.00
12 #40, mint block of 4, imperforate vertically between and at left and right. Well centered and full OG with slight hinge mark. VF. 40.00 No Bids
13 Post card, Gonaives to Paris, paid by 1c President Sam green. Card is very clean and sound. Postage s nicely tied by Gonaives date stamp, 21 Nov 1904, with second strike to the side, both VF. Photo side is black and white, picturing ships in harbor and "Souvenir de Gonaives". VF condition.
5.00 12.00
14 Neat registered cover, Aquin to Paris, 13 August 1916, paid by 8 c de P (#134) and 2 c de P (#126), cancel neatly ties postage. Registry marking and number, and several date stamps on back (Haiti, New York, France). Sound, clean and fine. Link to Auction Lot 14 image
20.00 No Bids
15 Cover, Port au Prince to Bordeaux, 8 Sept. 1902, paid by #70, 71, and 74, the provisional issue. Nice clear PauP cancels tie 2 of the 3 stamps. Cover is neat, clean, attractive. Link to Auction Lot 15 image
75.00 127.00
16 Registered cover, Port au Prince to Paris, paid by pair of #117, 5c blue (hard money overprint), 19 April 1906 (early use). Cover is clean and sound. Attractive despite a rather "busy" front. Registry markings on front and postage are nicely tied. Faint vertical file fold not detracting. Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 16 image
50.00 115.00
17 Cover, Cayes to Paris, 4 April (year?), backstamped Kingston, Jamaica, 13 May 1912, paid by five copies of #125, 1 c de P green. Stamps all tied by date stamps. Cover is clean, sound, and in VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 17 image
25.00 No Bids
18 Picture post card, black & white image, Cap Haitien to Paris, October 1916, paid by #215, 1 c de P on 50 and GLOZ, clean and sound, nice strike of date stamp ties postage. Paris receiving cancellation. Card pictures Cap Haitien Rue Espagnole.
7.00 26.00
19 Postal stationery, 2c Pres. Sam reply card with 1c Sam green adhesive added, both card and the added stamp have the May 1902 provisional overprint. Posted to Aux Cayes, postage is tied, but the date stamps are too faint to read. No message on the card, reply half is attached and unused. Clean and VF.
2.00 6.00
20 Registered cover, Cayes to Paris, 9 April 1920. Registration markings on front, postage on back consists of five copies of #245, the 2 centimes SD overprint stamp. Postage is weakly tied by date stamps. Cover is clean, sound and VF.
20.00 33.00
21 Registered cover, Miragoane to New York, 27 April 1920, paid by two copies of #180, 3 c de P with GLOZ overprint, and a pair of #245, the SD overprint, total 10 centimes de P. Postage is nicely tied by strikes of cancellations. Registry markings on front and back. Slight wrinkling and horizontal file fold, not affecting postage. Otherwise clean and fine. Link to Auction Lot 21 image
25.00 93.00
22 Cover posted aboard ship, PRINS DER NEDERLANDEN, to New York. Postage paid by #120, 10 centimes with hard money overprint. Postage is tied and canceled by strike of Dutch packet marking, 4 May 1906 (early). A second by the side. Between them they show the marking clearly. Very slight wrinkling. Clean and sound. A rather simple but VF piece. Link to Auction Lot 22 image
40.00 211.00
23 Cover, Petit Goave to New York, paid by copy of Scott #117, blue with hard money overprint, 6 June 1906, two strikes tie postage nicely. Slight wrinkling at top and sides, horizontal file fold at bottom, still a fine piece. Link to Auction Lot 23 image
40.00 165.00
24 Two unused pieces of postal stationery, 3c reply cards, reply half not included. Blue cards with green Pres. Sam postage. Both have advertisements for a medicine. One has a tiny corner fault. Otherwise clean and sound.
2.00 10.00
25 Mixture, about 300 stamps between 1881 and about 1920, used and unused. This Lot has not been picked over and will contain some better items such as useful cancels, mint NH singles, etc. It may also include some forgeries or reprints.
9.00 115.00



26 Scott #43. Horizontal pair, imperforate vertically, in Mint, VF condition. See footnote in the Scott Catalogue. 6.00 18.00
27 #47. Color imperforate plate proof. This copy is a green color; issued color is brown carmine. See Scott Catalogue footnote, Very Fine condition.
6.00 8.00
28 #48. Imperforate horizontal pair of color plate proof (in issued color). Scott Catalogue Value 2016 is $30 to $40 for a pair. Very Fine condition.Link to Auction Lot 28 
          image 18.00 No Bids
29 #50. Color Plate Proofs. See note in Scott Catalogue. Two copies; one in gray color on paper, the other in green color on cardboard. VF. Link to Auction Lot 29 images 8.00 11.00
30 #72a. Block of 4, MNH, with all copies having Inverted Overprints. Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 30 image 8.00 17.00
31 #89-95. Complete set, Used, VF. Type III POSTE PAYE overprint described by Leon Montes as "Unofficial, but used by the post", page 56, La Timbrologie Haitienne, 1954, and Peter C. Jeannopoulos, page 8, May 2013 issue, The Haiti Collector. 2.00 12.00
32 #90. Top right corner single (position 10); Mint No Gum, VF. Type III overprint as per Lot 31 above. Copy is the known variety “with moustache”. 4.00 13.00
33 #96. Block of 4 and a horizontal pair. MNG, VF. These are forgeries. 2.00 6.00
34 #174. Horizontal pair, one with double overprint. Pair is MNH and in Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot 34 image 10.00 16.00
35 #217. Horizontal strip of 3 with center stamp with double overprint. MNH, VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 35 image 15.00 21.00
36 #218. Block of 4 with left side of the block in imperforate condition. MNH, VF. Link to Auction Lot 36 image 12.00 36.00
37 #241. Horizontal strip of 3; center stamp has a double surcharge. MNH, VF. Link to Auction Lot 37 image 15.00 63.00
38 #241. Vertical pair in MNH, VF condition. 3.00 3.00
39 #249-260. Mint and VF. 7.00 31.00
40 #268-269. Mint, VF. 3.00 No Bids
41 #296. MNH, VF, with overprint and surcharge inverted. Link to Auction Lot 41 image 7.00 No Bids
42 Same as Lot #41 but in Mint condition. Link to Auction Lot 42 image 5.00 8.00
43 #C309 (the gold stamp issue) on a FDC; unaddressed with embossed 30 G stamp in silver color as part of the cachet. This cover is the Official FDC prepared and issued by the Haiti’s postal service. A scarce First Day Cover. Link to Auction Lot 43 image 20.00 35.00
44 #379-382 and #C46. MNH. Specimen Copies of the American Bank Note Co. VF condition. 40.00 40.00
45 #469, C168-169. Sheets of 25 (as issued) in MNH, VF condition. 10.00 No Bids
46 #611-615, C326-329. Blocks of 4; MNH, VF condition. Catalog Value $114.00 30.00 No Bids
47 #624I. Souvenir Sheet. A MNH copy and a used copy. These are the imperforate version. VF condition. 10.00 27.00
48 #639-639O. Set of 16 in perforate Blocks of 4. MNH and VF. 14.00 44.00
49 Same as Lot #48 but these are the imperforate version. MNH, VF. 14.00 44.00
50 #677-679, C411-414. Blocks of 4, MNH and in Very Fine condition. 4.00 No Bids
51 #849-853. MNH, VF. Scarce, undervalued, issue. 12.00 18.00
52 #852a. Souvenir Sheet. MNH, VF condition. 20.00 24.00
53 #877 (block of 4) and #878 (horizontal pair). Both items used with clear postal cancellations. VF condition. 3.00 No Bids
54 #887-888. The 2 high values of the Christmas 1996 issue in Used (not CTO) condition. 3.50 4.50
55 #904-907. Horizontal pairs. MNG and VF. Scott catalogue value $54.00 Link to Auction Lot 55 images 7.50 8.00
56 #911-912. The 2 high values of the 1999 Birds issue in Used (not CTO) condition. VF. 4.00 7.50
57 #913. Complete sheet of 16 (as issued) in MNH, Very Fine condition. Catalogue value $48.00 17.00 No Bids
58 The 1914 unissued set. Mint, VF. See note in Scott after listing for Scott #218. 1.50 3.00
59 #B15. Inverted overprint in MNH, VF condition. 5.00 8.00
60 #C121a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 2.00 No Bids
61 #C373. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 4.25 8.50
62 #C406. Sheetlet of 25 (as issued), MNH, VF. 7.00 No Bids
63 #C432-433. Sheetlets of 25 (as issued) in MNH, VF condition. 15.00 No Bids
64 #CB10-15. MNH, VF. 1.00 No Bids
65 #CB54a. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. This copy has the “+25c” without the period. The surcharge color on this item is Black rather than Red. See note in Scott Catalog. Link to Auction Lot 65 image 7.00 14.00
66 #CB59. Error. Double surcharge, one being in a diagonal position. MNH, VF. 15.00 26.00
67 Minkus #1326-1328. This set is the 1973 Apollo XVII issue with Silver Overprints. MNH, VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 67 images 5.00 18.00
68 Scott #J14-16 in Mint, VF condition. 6.00 8.50
69 Audubon Birds of America Album with 13 MNH sheets. Interesting text with each of the sheets. VF. 13.00 22.00
70 Collection of approximately 450 postage stamps in MNH, Mint, and Used condition. No damaged stamps. Some small duplication. Collection includes regular, airmail and postal tax issues. Period includes from 1886 thru 1970.
20.00 53.00


Covers and Postal Stationery

71 Cover. Gonaives (29 March 1895) to Bordeaux (20 April 1895). Backstamped at Port auPrince (1 April 1895). Names of sender and receiver trimmed out. Paid with #28 and #30. VF otherwise.
3.00 5.00
72 Cover. Port au Prince (19 ?? 1894) to New York (5 February 1894). Paid with #28 and #36, paying the 10 cents rate. F/VF. Link to Auction Lot 72 image 10.00 16.00
73 Cover. Consular Service of the USA. Port au Prince (13 Sept ??) to US. Backstamped in New York (22 Sept 1901) and Wrentham, MA (24 Sept 1901). Paid with #62. VF. 2.00 2.00
74 Cover. Port au Prince (10 March 1902) to New York (16 March 1902). Paid with #62, VF. Link to Lot 74 image 8.00 No Bids
75 Cover. Airmail, Port au Prince (4 December 1925) to Cap Haitien. Paid with #318. Type 3 cachet (supposed to be first official use of Port au Prince-Cap Haitien postmark). VF condition.
10.00 No Bids
76 Same as Lot #75. 10.00 No Bids
77 Cover. Berthelot cover. Local mail, Port au Prince 12 July 1927. Paid with #316. VF. 2.00 2.00
78 First Flight Cover. Port au Prince (21 Feb 1928) to Santiago, Cuba with circular AVION cachet and 2 different WIAE cachets. Paid with #316 and #318. Pilot signature included. VF condition.
8.00 No Bids
79 Cover Selection. (1) Four FDCs - (a) #C3, (b) #C33-34, (c) 532 & C250, C255, and (d) 557 & C271. (2) A cover Port au Prince (15 Oct 1951) to NY paid with #C55-56. (3) A commemorative cover of President Clinton’s visit to Haiti, 31 March 1995. Cover has a color cachet and is paid with #814. (4) Another commemorative cover with “RED CROSS DAY” with color cachet, PauP, 8 May 1955. Paid with strip of 5 of Scott #361.
4.00 9.00
80 SHIP COVER. The KNSM S.S. LUNK. Posted at Cap Haitien (8 October 1936) to St Anne, Illinois. Paid with Haiti #327 and a US postage stamp, Scott #776, with the ship cancellation of 2 October 1936. VF condition.
2.00 12.50
81 US NAVY IN HAITIAN WATERS, Cover of the USS HENDERSON. Port au Prince, 13 September 1933. Mailed to Rutherford, NJ and paid with a US 3c stamp. VF. Link to Auction Lot 81 image 4.00 9.00
82 Cover of the USS HONOLULU (Gonaives, 1 February 1939). Mailed to NYC and paid with US 3 cents postage, VF. Link to Auction Lot 82 image 4.00 10.00
83 Post Card. Color card with message. Port au Prince (21 Sept 1906) to St Louis. Paid with #125-26. PC is edition of V.C.E. at PauP. VF condition. Link to Auction Lot 83 images 2.00 8.00
84 Postal Card, Higgins & Gage #4 (blue on grey card) on a half-only used to Italy. Card bears added copies of #52 and #53 to pay the 3 c rate. No readable postal cancellations. PC marked “via JACMEL” with short English salutation on the back. VF. Link to Auction Lot 84 image 7.00 12.00


End of auction