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September 2011 Society Auction

Closed October 2, 2011

Lot Description M/B Realized
  Special Selection    
1 Imperforate Liberty Head assortment, Scott #2 - #6 (no copies of #1), about 185 stamps in SAFE stock pages and identified by plate position number (1 through 50). All positions are represented at least once. About two thirds are used copies of the 5c and 7c, and the remainders are mostly 2c and 3c, about two dozen of each. Finally there are about 10 copies of the 20c. Condition is generally good to fine with a couple of nice items including used horizontal pair of the 3c and the 5c, a couple unused copies of the 5c with OG, and two almost VF copies of the 20c with OG. Not a good lot for cancels, but most are sound 4 margin copies. Scott catalog is slightly more than $2,200.00 $100.00 $255.00
2 Scott #1, 1c red, top margin vertical strips of 3 and 4 joined to form a block of 7. The piece is quite weak along the vertical join; probably there was a fold along this line. Otherwise clean, sound and attractive. F. 25.00 31.00
3 Scott #1-6, used copies in SAFE stock page, 12 to 14 copies of each except 20c 7 copies. Average condition is about fine. Almost all are sound four margin copies, some faults (hinge remnants, thins, etc. A few have useful cancels. Scott catalog about $750.00 35.00 260.00
4 Scott #1-6, unused copies in SAFE stock page, 10 of #1 including a nice pair, 7 of #2, 5 of #3, 6 of #4 and of #5, 8 of #6, generally nice 4 margin copies with faults (hinge remnants or marks, no gum or gum wrinkles, etc), a couple of the 5c and 7c cut rather close, a couple of nice copies of the 20c. Scott catalog value about $1,250.00 60.00 135.00
5 Scott #3 used strip of 4, sound and with clear margins, Port au Prince cancels 23 June (year not clear, may be 1882) F+. 5.00 30.00
6 Scott #11, 7c perf. Liberty Head, mint block of 4. Nice perfectly centered block with good blue color and full OG. Top sheet margin (about 1 mm) attached. Vertical perfs are good. Horizontal perfs somewhat weak and show separation over about half a stamp width. Block can, with care, be left as is or reinforced. Mounted on a card stock by a hinge. 15.00 31.00
7 Scott #13, 20c pale brown, used block of 4, well centered with bottom sheet margin, some hinge reinforcement of perfs on back. Block is from plate 2, positions 34/35,44/45. Cancel is Port au Prince June (24? 1890?). Date probably can be determined with a little effort. Overall somewhat messy in ppearance but otherwise about fine.  3.00 46.00
8 Ten French stamps used from Cap Haitien, canceled by octagonal date stamps with “Le Cap Haitien” and fleuron. Two are Emperor Napoleon III with laurel, four are Ceres heads, and four are a strip of four Sage issue 40c Ven. Red on buff on piece. Cancels are weak but can be identified. General condition about good.  10.00 140.00
9 Pairs of Scott #2 and #4, 2c. and 5c., mint. Both are horizontal pairs, probably sheet margin, the 2c having a large margin at bottom and the 5c at top. Both pairs are nearly pristine, with full og and free of wrinkles or other faults. Both are very lightly hinged to the inside of a small auction folder. Hinges probably can be removed leaving only slight gum disturbance. Attractive. 50.00 No Bids
10 Scott #7, 8d, and 10b; Used. #7 is SG #8 (pale vermillion color). F-VF. 2.00 No Bids
11 Folded letter, St. Marc to Port au Prince 5 September 1861, with strike of the small double circle British style marking for St. Marc. Probably carried by local ship post. Letter has faults; the St. Marc marking is double struck which makes it somewhat unclear, a tear at top center about 2 cm long that appears to be an extension of a tear on the reverse caused by opening, and a horizontal file fold at bottom, neither affecting the St. Marc strike. Contents a paragraph in French, probably can be read by a French speaking person. Overall good.  Link to Society Auction Lot 11 image 25.00 27.00
12 Folded letter, Port au Prince to Bordeaux via Jacmel 8 May 1850, fine strike of large double circle Jacmel on back May 9, weak but legible strike of “Colonies &tc Art. 13” on front London receiving mark on back, French receiving on front. Sound and fine with horizontal file fold at bottom not affecting markings. Contents a full page in French, probably readable. Overall about fine.   35.00 66.00
13 Cover sheet, Jacmel to Bordeaux, April 28, 1852, almost VF strike of Jacmel large double circle on back also London, Paris, and Bordeaux receiving marks, almost VF strike of “Colonies &tc. Art. 13” on front, also French mark for Calais in red and French 15 decimes manuscript due. Horizontal file fold at top very slightly affecting the “Colonies &tc.” marking. Sound and F+. 15.00 54.00
14 Group of 12 items, seven folded letters, four cover sheets and one envelope from Haiti to France all by British Royal mail, all with appropriate Royal Mail date stamps at Jacmel, one marked at Port au Prince with “Port au Prince A“ in 18 mm circle, with various receiving date stamps, currency exchange markings, and French manuscript style postage due markings suitable for the year mailed. Year range is 1860 to 1873. Some faults including file folds, stains, most are sound or nearly sound. Overall condition about good to fine. 50.00 310.00
15 Two cover sheets, one from Cayes to London, 9 February 1826, via France (marked Colonies Par Le Havre), London receiving date stamp on back, two vertical file folds detracting somewhat. No French or British postage due markings and possibly carried from France outside the mails. The second from Port au Prince to Havre, 10 January 1880. Strike of “Port au Prince A” in 20mm circle, faint British arrival marking on back, French postage due marking, accountancy marking T 1-10, and Calais Ambulant on front. Clean, no faults. 20.00 48.00
16 Two stampless letters to New York, Lanman and Kemp correspondence. One is dated Jacmel 14 July 1865, with no Haitian or US postal markings. On the front is an almost VF strike of a forwarder “BRETT, SON & CO.”, a skip in the inking affects the letters BR. Letter probably was picked up at the ship and delivered by the forwarder. Two vertical file folds, one very slightly affecting the marking. The second is dated Gonaives 14 March 1878 and has on front a VF strike of the “NEW YORK DUE 5 CENTS” “opera glass” due marking. Horizontal and vertical file folds slightly affect the marking. F-VF condition. 30.00 35.00
17 Paid letter, 10 November 1877, Port au Prince to St Thomas by British Royal Mail. The 4 pence rate is one pence overpaid by five copies of the British 1 pence brick red (plate no. 89). Stamps are cancelled by the Port au Prince E53 killer, three bars above and below type, On the front is a very nice strike of the “Port au Prince A” in 18mm circle. Horizontal file fold slightly affects one stamp and the Port au Prince A marking. Note: Other examples exist of payment of 5 pence Haiti to St. Thomas, and the letter, although not expertised, appears to be genuine in all respects. Overall condition is about fine.   Link to Society Auction Lot 17 image 50.00 320.00
18 Cover sheet, Cap Haitien to Port au Prince 1878, with 10c HAPAG stamp. The stamp is not cancelled (and is not tied to the letter). The stamp is missing two small pieces, one about 1mm by 2mm in lower right corner, the other about 1mm square in left margin. Horizontal and vertical file folds do not affect stamp. This item has not been expertised and may not be genuine, although one would think that a person creating a bogus item would have used a better copy of the stamp. As is. 10.00 No Bids
19 Large piece of cover sheet to New York via St. Thomas 11 September 1875, double rate paid to St. Thomas by two three-pence pink surface printed issue and pair of 1 pence brick red engraved issue, British “Port au Prince A” datestamp in 18 mm circle, merchant marking for Cayes, St. Thomas arrival 29 September 1879 on an attached small piece of the back. Stamps are cancelled by Port au Prince E53, type with four bars above and below. Circular “New York Due 5 CTS” marking dated Oct. 21. This was transferred at St. Thomas to another line for the St. Thomas to New York leg, and, in that situation, it was charged 5 cents at New York as a letter incoming by sea. Somewhat wrinkled, but an interesting example of this service to New York. Good to fine.   Link to Society Auction Lot 19 image 20.00 130.00
20 Front, Jacmel 20 September 1884 to Stoke on Trent (England) paid by pair of Scott # 10a, 5c perf Liberty Head yellow green, with two VF strikes of the Jacmel date stamp, one on the postage and one to the side. Stamps are tied by date stamp ink on paper showing through the perforation holes. The piece is the entire front of an envelope and is clean and except for a couple of small wrinkles free of flaws. Attractive.   Link to Society Auction Lot 20 image 25.00 32.00
21 Cover, Port au Prince to Paris 5 March 1884 paid by two 5 c. perf Liberty Heads Scott #10a yellow green, Datestamp on postage barely ties stamps to cover. Second date stamp strike to side, also a neat strike for the Calais to Paris Ambulant. A group of small stains or discolorations somewhat spoil the appearance of an otherwise rather nice looking item. Overall about good.  Link to Society Auction Lot 21 image 40.00 No Bids
22 Registered cover Port au Prince to Paris, single registered rate paid by 20c perforated Liberty Head, Scott #13. Two VF strikes of the PauP date stamp nicely tie stamp to cover. Tear at top, about 1 cm long, not affecting stamp or markings, slight soiling. Neat registration marking and number. Cover may be slightly reduced at left and right - if so it does not detract. Faint French receiving marking and possibly a very faint official seal on reverse. Overall condition fine or better. 25.00 No Bids
23 Registered cover, Port au Prince to Bordeaux, 6 March 1893, paid by 20c perforated Liberty Head, Scott #13. Two nice strikes of the Port au Prince date stamp, one ties postage, one to the side. Cover has name of addressee cut out, also street number of address. There are two small tears at top 1cm or less not affecting stamp or markings. Also, holes made by a pin and some wrinkling. Neat Bordeaux receiving mark on back. Overall good. 5.00 No Bids
24 Folded ship letter, Cap Francais St. Domingue to St. Malo, 18 August 1786, strike on front of “COL PAR AURAY”, Salles Vol. 1 No. 9. About 2/3 clear. Postage due in France 10 (sols). Paper is sound and free of stains, hoirizontal file fold not seriously detracting. Contents two pages in French, small handwriting but probably readable by someone knowing French. F to VF for this.  Link to Society Auction Lot 24 image 50.00 86.00
25 Cover sheet, Miragoane to Havre 20 August 1878, on front a nice merchants cachet, clear accountancy marking GB 1f 60c, and strong manuscript style due marking 12 (decimes). On the back a clear strike of a forwarder’s marking “J. Francoz & Cie.” Port au Prince, A JACMEL in small circle, and red London receiving date. Also date stamps for Calais and Le Havre. Trace of horizontal file fold at bottom, otherwise F+. 25.00 No Bids
25A Picture Postcard. PauP (7 June 1919) to USA paid w/#245, from a German internee at Fort National. Postcard stamped “Interned Enemy Alien Mail” and “Censored U.S.M.C.” A beautiful and very scarce item seldom seen. Postcard is mounted on page with narrative. Excellent condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 25A image 50.00 411.00



26 Scott #6. Mint No Gum, Position #9, F. 7.00 No Bids
27 #6. Mint No Gum, Position 12. F/VF. 7.00 No Bids
28 #6. Used, wide margins; small thin. Position 16. 5.00 No Bids
29 #6. Mint (50% original gum), Position 28, F/VF. 17.00 No Bids
30 #6. Mint No Gum, Position 41, F/VF. 7.00 No Bids
31 #6. Used; nice double strike. Position 49. VF. 8.00 9.00
32 #46-51. Blocks of 4. Specimen overprint, MNH. #41 have some minor gum damaged, otherwise VF set. 22.00 22.00
33 #177-201. Mint & Used (mostly Used). All stamps are Typw B surcharge (the short “L”). Selection mounted on album page. A very nice collection of the Type B surcharge in excellent condition. Cat Value 2011 is $68.50. 25.00 70.00
34 #236. Block of 35 (7x5), MNH, VF. 20.00 42.00
35 #238. Block of 4 (2 MNH and 2 Mint), VF. 1.50 8.50
36 #241. Block of 4 (2 MNH and 2 Mint). Upper right stamp is a Double Surcharge. All “Poste Payee” overprints are sideway Ops. A great looking VF block.  14.00 46.00
37 #242. Mint, very lightly hinged in excellent condition. A very difficult item to find and underpriced by Scott Catalog.  Link to Society Auction Lot 37 image 50.00 105.00
38 #247. Mint, very lightly hinged in excellent condition. A very scarce item underpriced by Scott Catalog.  Link to Society Auction Lot 38 image 25.00 89.00
39 #248. Mint Never Hinged copy. Excellent centering. Very scarce issue, underpriced by Scott. VF.  Link to Society Auction Lot 39 image 30.00 108.00
40 #171. Mint w/original gum but somewhat tropicalized on gum side only. Face of stamp is very clean. Difficult stamp to find and also underpriced by Scott Catalog.    Link to Society Auction Lot 40 image 20.00 31.00
41 #276-304. Mint and Used (mainly Mint). Mounted on album page Condition of these issues is excellent. Cat Value $27.00 12.00 52.00
42 #278. Block of 25 (5x5) from bottom right hand of sheet w/selvage. MNH, VF. 20.00 35.00
43 #486-88, C188-90. Sheets of 12, MNH, Cat Value $22.80; VF. 8.00 10.00
44 #624H-624I. Two Apollo 11 perforated sheets, CTO, VF. 3.00 No Bids
45 #C114a, C121a, C152a, C165a. MNH, VF. 1.75 No Bids
46 #C114a, C135a, C144a. MNH, VF. 1.50 No Bids
47 #RA23-24. Sheets of 50, MNH, VF. 10.00 14.00
48 #RAC1-2. Sheets of 50, MNH, VF. 14.00 17.00
49 Consular Tax Stamp. 5 Gourde. Used with violet double circle cancel of “CONSULAT D’HAITI/SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS”. VF condition. 3.50 No Bids
50 Apollo XVII Issues. Blocks of 4, MNH, VF. Not listed in Scott but listed in Minkus Catalog (Edition 1980) as #1380-1382 at $10 set of singles.  Link to Society Auction Lot 50 image 15.00 No Bids
51 Selection of 138 different regular and airmail stamps. No duplicates; all in VF condition. Some from early 1900s; mostly late 1920s thru 1950s. 8.00 No Bids
52 Selection of 96 different issues, Mint and Used (mainly Used) between Scott #1 (two copies) and Scott #314. The 1902 OP issues (nine stamps) are all forgeries. VF. 10.00 No Bids


Errors and Varieties

53 #41 & #43. Horizontal pairs Imperforate Between. Mint except #41 is MNG. VF otherwise. 4.00 8.00
54 #108, 109, 150. Inverted Surcharge copies. Mint, VF. 4.00 No Bids
55 #151. Split part sheet of 40. MNH with overprints omitted on 11 stamps. VF. 30.00 65.00
56 #152-153. Inverted Surcharge copies. Mint, VF. 5.00 No Bids
57 #155. Sheet of 50 (less one stamp – upper right corner). MNH with all copies Inverted Surcharges. VF. 50.00 122.00
58 #158. Inverted Surcharge, Mint, VF. 3.00 9.00
59 #173. Horizontal pair with one being a Double Surcharge, VF. 6.00 7.00
60 #195. An Inverted OP copy, Mint w/small remnant of hinge, VF. 9.00 No Bids
61 #218. An Inverted Surcharge, Mint, VF. 3.00 8.00
62 #238. Horizontal strip of three with center stamp having a Double Surcharge. Mint, excellent condition. A beautiful strip. 15.00 15.00
63 #241. A Double Surcharge copy. Mint, VF. 5.00 5.00
64 #241. Same as Lot #63. Link to Society Auction Lot 64 image 5.00 No Bids
65 #241. A Double Inverted Surcharge copy, Mint w/ small piece of paper adhered to gum. VF otherwise. Link to Society Auction Lot 65 image 10.00 52.00
66 #279. Horizontal pair w/ one Surcharge Inverted. Mint, VF. 8.00 No Bids
67 #281. An Inverted OP copy. Mint, VF. 5.00 No Bids
68 #296. Block of 6 with Surcharges and Overprints Inverted. 3 Stamps are MNH and 3 are Mint. VF.  Link to Society Auction Lot 68 image 15.00 41.00
69 #304. Horizontal pair with one Inverted Surcharge. Mint, VF. 8.00 No Bids
70 #B15. An Inverted OP copy, MNH, VF. 4.00 No Bids


Covers and First Flights

71 PauP (10 Feb 1912) to USA. Paid w/#131. US Consular Mail. F. 3.50 13.00
72 First Flight Cover. PauP (19 April 1927) to Port de Paix (19 April 1927), Paid with #318. VF.   Link to Society Auction Lot 72 image 10.00 18.00
73 First Flight Cover. PauP (9 January 1929) to Camaguey, Cuba. Paid with #316 and #318. Proper backstamps and VF. 8.00 12.00
74 First Flight Cover, PauP ( cover has 2 PauP cancels of 21 Feb 1928, and 28 Feb 1928) to Santiago de Cuba (receiving on 28 Feb 1928). Paid w/#316, 318. VF. 7.00 13.00
75 First Flight Cover, PauP (9 Jan 1929) to Havana (10 Jan 1929). Paid w/#314, 320. VF. 7.00 14.00
76 Cover. USS CHAUMONT visit to PauP. Pmk 14 June 1933 at PauP. “FLAG DAY” cancel added to postmark. Mailed to USA. VF. 3.00 No Bids
77 Covers. Two PauP covers, one w/machine cancellation dated 7 July 1936; the other is a duplex cancel dated 11 March 1936. Both to USA and paid w/#335. Nice examples of these cancellations. VF. 5.00 No Bids
78 Cover. Commemorative unaddressed cover issued on 23 April 1997 by the Haiti Postal Office on occasion of the “Journee Mundiale du Livre & du Client”. A block of 4 of Scott # 770H is used w/appropriate special cancellation.  No. 10 envelope w/black color cachet. A very nice item in excellent condition. 2.00 5.00
79 Cover. Commemorative cover issued on the occasion of the Philatelic Exposition held at the Musee d’ Art Haitien, 12-20 May 1985. Cover is unaddressed w/Scott #C427 and a special cancellation of 18 May 1985. Color cachet. VF condition. 1.00 4.00


Paintings, Haiti Maps, Military Medals

80 Jungle scene, oil on mesonite board. Signed R. Bienaime. 10 ½ x 8 inches. Style evocative of primitivism of Henri Rousseau.  Link to Society Auction Lot 80 image 8.50 No Bids
81 Vivid scene of women at market. Oil on mesonite board. Signed by R. Bienaime. 8 x 10 inches.   Link to Society Auction Lot 81 image 8.50 No Bids

Please note that the following nine lots have gold metal frames, glass, and matting. Unless buyer indicates otherwise, seller will ship lots with matting only.

82 Circa 1780 Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) hydrographer of King of France who commissioned Bellin to map all known coasts of the world. The text of Carta dell’ Isola San Domingo is in Italian and French. 15 ½ x 12 inches with matting. Ex. cond.   Link to Society Auction Lot 82 image 120.00 No Bids
83 Circa 1764. Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) hydropraher of the King of France who commissioned Bellin to map all know coasts of the world. Rococo cartouche with title, Plan de la Rade et la Ville du Petit Goave dans l’Isle de Saint Domingue, 17 ¾ x 14 1/3 inches with matting. Ex. cond. Link to Society Auction Lot 83 image 125.00 125.00
84 Circa 1764. Cartographer not indicated. Plan de Lisle A Vache. Off the coast of Les Cayes, this small island is rarely depicted by cartographers. Colors: lime green background. Measures 11 ½ x 14 inches with matting. Ex. cond.  Link to Society Auction Lot 84 image 150.00 No Bids
85 Circa 1770. Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772), cartographer. [Plan de] Le Port au Prince dans Isle de St. Domingue. Beautiful condition. Colors: green, rust, yellow, black, etc. Very colorful. Measures 11 x 12 inches with matting. Link to Society Auction Lot 85 image 150.00 150.00
86 No indication of date [circa 1775?] and cartographer. Plan de la Rade de Port- Paix. Ex. condition, with light folds. Colors: rust, yellow, orange, etc. Measures 15 x 12 ¾ with matting.  Link to Society Auction Lot 86 image 150.00 No Bids
87 Circa 1780. Carte de l' Isle de St. Domingue /une des Grandes Antilles by Rigobert Bonne (1729-1794), map and globe and atlas maker, etc. Colors: pink and green. One fold. Ex. Condition. Measures 16 ½ x 12 ½ with matting.  Link to Society Auction Lot 87 image 135.00 No Bids
88 1787. Rigobert Bonne (1729-1794) Isle de St. Domingue et celle de Porto-Rico. One fold, otherwise ex. condition. Measures 18 x 13 ½ with matting. Colors: black, gray. Link to Society Auction Lot 88 image 125.00 No Bids
89 1884. A Map of Hayti. Unknown cartographer. Interestingly shaped inset, with embossed seal upper left. Colors blue and pink tints along littorals and border. Couple of folds, otherwise VG condition. Measures 14 x 11 inches with matting.  Link to Society Auction Lot 89 image 75.00 No Bids
90 Total of Four Replicate USMC and US Navy Medals (2 x 2) mounted on heavy green cardboard. One reads USMC For Service; its back, Haitian Campaign 1919-1920. The second medal reads, US Navy For Service; its back, Haitian Campaign 1915. approx. diameter 1 ½”; all ex. condition and attractively mounted. Link to Society Auction Lot 90 image 40.00 No Bids


End of auction