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March 2010 Society Auction

Closed April 10, 2010

Lot Description M/B Realized
  Saint Domingue – Folded Letters    
1 Fl, ship letter, Cap Francis 19 December, 1802, to Bordeaux, large PETITE POSTE BORDEAUX over struck by Grand Post 32 BOREDAUX, manuscript 1 (sol due). Contents in rather faint ink appear to be in German and likely difficult to read. Paper is thin but intact. Clean and sound. $30.00 $210.00
2 Fl, ship letter, Le Cap, 7 March 1790, to Havre via Bordeaux with fine strike of Grand Post entry mark for Bordeaux, “COLONIES PAR BORDEAUX” in circle, Salles #20, and manuscript 11 (sols due). Contents 1 page in French appear legible. Letter is very clean and sound and almost VF.  50.00 211.00
3 Cover sheet docketed Port de Paix 7 September 1792 to Nantes via La Flotte. Nice bold strike of the Jamet #3 marking for Port de Paix and a strike of the oval “COLONIES PAR LA FLOTTE” marking, Salles #14, that is only fair but legible. Manuscript 10 (sols due). Horizontal file fold about 1 cm up from bottom through the La Flotte marking, otherwise clean and sound. 25.00 205.00
4 Fl, US ship letter Cap Francais, 20 February 1787, via Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Boston. Hand stamped in red, somewhat faint but clear, “PORTSMOUTH MAY 9” and neat manuscript “ship 2.16”, 2 dwt 16 grains of silver due, the sum of the Continental Congress rates of 16 gr ship letter fee and 2 dwt overland 100 to 200 miles. Contents 2 ½ pages in French, probably can be read with a little difficulty. Letter is very sound and clean except for a faint vertical file fold not affecting markings.  40.00 170.00
5 Fl, US ship letter Port au Prince, 22 December 1788, to Philadelphia, marked on reverse as received February 22, 1789. On the front is “Sh 3:8:” indicating a charge of 3dwt 8gr of silver, which breaks down as 16 gr ship letter fee, 2dwt 16 gr overland, 200 to 300 miles. Also on the front is a marking 1/7, which may be the date received at port. Contents are in Spanish in a hand that probably can be read. Neat and sound and VF except for a faint horizontal file fold.  40.00 85.00
6 Fl, US ship letter Jeremie, 18 April 1797, to Philadelphia, charged 4 cents for a ship letter delivered at port, nice strike of scarce numeral 4 for that city. Contents about ½ page in French, legible. Letter is VF except for a horizontal file fold not affecting the marking. Jeremie in British hands at this date.  25.00 106.00
7 Fl, US ship letter Cap Francais 23 September 1800 to Newburyport via New York. New York ornate marking “OCT 17” on front, faint at top but legible, and large manuscript “Sh 17”, 15 cents inland plus 2 cents ship letter. Toussaint in command of the colony at this time. Letter is one page in English, commercial, and readable. Letter is sound, clean, and VF except for a vertical file fold that affects it slightly.   30.00 85.00
8 Fl, Henri Christophe to Toussaint, 2 April 1802, Camp Milot, no postal markings and perhaps by private courier. Manuscript on front (in French) “very urgent”. All writing somewhat faint but legible, contents a page and a half in neat hand, mention of a brush with French troops, and reaffirmation of loyalty to Toussaint. Signed with the ornate signature of Christophe. Horizontal and vertical file folds detract somewhat, but sound and clean. Scarce.  200.00 450.00
9 Fl, short note in French from General Pamboin at Port au Prince (Port Republicain), 15 June 1802, to Captain Delauny at Mole, nice strike on front of Jamet #2 for Port Republicain, postal service reopened by Le Clerc. VF  50.00 330.00
10 Fl, Bordeaux 3 June 1802 to Jeremie via Cap Haitien. On front is VF strike of Jamet #17 for Cap in red and manuscript 3E. Contents in French, 1 page in neat hand. Appears to be a personal letter. Very neat and attractive, VF but for a faint horizontal file fold, not affecting the markings.  50.00 340.00


USMC Covers
(USMC cancellation designations are from the article by Boarino/Bahry/Sellers, which appeared in Haiti Philately, vol. XII no. 4, Dec. 1986)

11 Cover to Detroit with 2c US postage cancelled by PauP type PaP-P-13, dated August 24, 1931. Cancel is almost VF. Envelope is unopened, empty, and VF condition.    15.00 No Bids
12 Cover to ’Washington, DC, typed “Via Pan American Airways” and handstamped “AEROPLANE MAIL” on front. Twelve cents US postage cancelled by PaP-P-11 (hyphen at bottom type) dated March 15, 1929. Cancel is almost VF, envelope is unopened, empty, and VF condition.  15.00 No Bids
13 Cover to Hartford, Connecticut, with 3 cents US postage cancelled by PaP-1-P, rather faint strike and date not clear. The first 2/3 of the lettering can be read, the rest obscure. The envelope is in VF condition 10.00 10.00
14 Cover to Oakland, Maine, 2 cents US postage cancelled by PaP-P-2, July 18, 1920. Strike is fine plus and is legible. Contains a three page letter in English in pencil, personal, and can be read. Some description of life in the Marine force in Haiti. Overall, almost VF. 15.00 30.00
15 Group of seven Marine mail items, various faults, includes 2 fronts, 2 penalty envelopes, one VF favor strike of PaPC-P-1. 7.00 No Bids


First Flight Covers
(AAMC = American Air Mail Catalog)

16 Lindbergh cover, flown in Spirit of St. Louis with Lindbergh as pilot, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by strikes in red of the airplane cachet made for the occasion and by PauP cancels dated 7 Feb. 1928, also red airplane and “avion” in circle cachet. Reverse has Havana date stamps Feb. 8 and 9 1928 and rectangular box cachet for the “special flight” PaP to Havana. Clean and VF. 30.00 50.00
17 First flight, AAMC F6-4b, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamp 9 Jan. 1929 to Havana. Two cachets on front, “PREMIER VOL” in large double circle in red, and airplane and “avion” in smaller circle in red. Reverse has Havana date stamp and printed map showing route, Miami to San Juan. Vertical file fold detracts slightly, otherwise clean and VF. 10.00 No Bids
18 First flight, AAMC F6-4b, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamp strikes 9 Jan 1929 to Havana, Premier Vol and avion cachets, reverse has Havana date stamp, clean and VF. 10.00 No Bids
19 First flight, AAMC F6-4a, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamp strikes 9 Jan 1929 to Camagüey, Cuba, via Santiago. Premier Vol and avion cachets. Reverse has printed map of route, Miami to San Juan. Santiago and Camaguey date stamps on reverse. Slight smudge on front, otherwise clean and VF . 10.00 No Bids
20 Postal card first flight, 2 centimes Nord Alexis reply card, message half, sent airmail PaP to New York via Miami, AAMC F6-4, with 20 centimes Haitian postage added and tied by PaP date stamps 9 Jan 1929. Front also has Premier Vol and avion cachets. Reverse has a rather faint datestamp for Miami Jan 10, 1929. Card is clean and sound, VF. 5.00 5.00
21 First flight, AAMC F6-4a, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamps 9 Jan 1929, also Premier Vol and avion cachets. Reverse has clear Santiago de Cuba date stamp, Ene 9, 1929, and part of a Camaguey date stamp. Slight ink smudge on front, otherwise VF. 10.00 No Bids
22 First flight, AAMC F6-4 PauP to Manlius, NY, via Miami, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamp 9 Jan 1929 and Premier Vol cachet. Also on front is avion cachet. Reverse has Miami date stamp Jan 10, 1929. One stamp is slightly lifted and has a small tear (can be repaired), otherwise F-VF . 5.00 5.00
23 First flight, AAMC F6-3a, PauP to Santo Domingo, 60 centimes Haitian postage tied by PaP date stamps 9 Jan 1929 and avion cachet, V-VF, also two regular airmail covers to US with various cachets F-VF 10.00 No Bids



24 #32, 33, 40, 42. Palm Tree forgeries in imperforate blocks of 4. LH on top 2 stamps; others are MNH. VF condition. 8.00 22.00
25 #41. Vertical block of 10 w/all vertical perforations omitted creating lovely block of 5 vertically imperf pairs. Hinged on top pair only; others MNH, VF. 25.00 90.00
26 #42. Error; horizontal margin pair w/vertical perforations omitted. Mint with some cracked gum, as normally found in this issue. VF. 5.00 5.00
27 #46-51. Complete Mint set w/3 copies of the 2c & 5c in different color shades. All MNH, VF. Also a complete set used. Additionally, this lot consists of a vertical imperforate proof pair of the 2c value on thin paper w/o gum and w/o watermark as issued. VF condition. 22.00 35.00
28 #54. 2 blocks of 25 each, MNH, VF. 3.00 11.00
29 #405, C86-90. Progressive plate proofs; Mint w/black and red color of flag completely omitted. Each stamp w/punch hole (as issued). Ex-Waterlow archive proofs. VF.  35.00 35.00
30 #405, C86-90. Similar to Lot #29, but w/black color of flag only (red color omitted). Scott #C89 issued only w/o grey frame color and w/both flag colors. VF. 35.00 40.00
31 #407. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. 5.00 11.00
32 #410-411. Mini-sheets of 20 (as issued), MNH, VF.   2.00 9.00
33 #428-31 & C122-25. Complete set affixed to inside of Special Commemorative Booklet and with FD cancels. Only 500 were issued. VF. 10.00 15.00
34 #442-43, C136-38. Sheets of 25 (as issued), MNH, VF. 20.00 25.00
35 #C81-85. Progressive plate proofs; Mint with portraits omitted. Each stamp w/tiny punch hole (as issued). Ex-Waterlow archive proofs. VF.  30.00 No Bids
36 #C125 (see footnote Scott Cat). The 2 souvenir sheets affixed to Special Commemorative Booklet. Only 500 were issued. VF.  15.00 No Bids
37 #J21. Mint horizontal strip of 3 w/vertical perf omitted on right side. Only 100 copies known to exist. VF condition. 15.00 21.00
38 #RA23. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. 4.00 8.00
39 #RA23-24 & RAC1-2. Sheets of 50, MNH, VF. 20.00 25.00
40 #RA26. Sheet of 50, MNH, VF. 3.00 8.00


Blocks of Four
(Lots #41-50 were originally listed in this Auction as 'MNH, VF.' The Society wishes to advise that a subsequent inspection of the material shows that many or most are hinged in the margins and on one or two stamps of each block. The error in the initial description is regretted.)

41 #384, C47-48 corner margin plate block. 3.00 6.00
42 #385-88, C49-51. 8.00 8.00
43 #389, C52-54. 40.00 No Bids
44 #390-91, C57-60. 7.00 No Bids
45 #400-01, C71-74. 2.50 No Bids
46 #402-03, C75-80. 11.00 No Bids
47 #404-05, C81-90. 25.00 No Bids
48 #417-20, C113-14. 8.00 No Bids
49 #421-23, C115-18. With control numbers. 8.00 No Bids
50 #C55-56. 1.50 No Bids


U.S. Ships in Haitian Waters

51 USS GOFF, 5 Oct 34, Gonaives Area Haiti. VF. 5.00 No Bids
52 USS GOFF, 26 Jan 39, Gonaives, Haiti. VF. 5.00 No Bids
53 USS HENDERSON, 13 Sep 33, PauP Haiti, VF. 5.00 No Bids
54 USS MacDONOUGH, 29 Jan 39, Gonaives, Haiti, VF. 5.00 No Bids
55 USS MAHAN, 27 Jan 39, Gonaives, Haiti. Color cachet. 7.00 7.00
56 USS McFARLAND, 30 Sep 34, Gonaives, Haiti, VF. 5.00 No Bids
57 USS MINNEAPOLIS, 22 Jan 39, Gonaives. Color cachet, VF. 7.00 7.00
57A USS MISSISSIPPI, 11 March 39, PauP, VF. 6.00 No Bids
58 USS NORTHAMPTON, 22 Jan 39, Gonaives. Color cachet, VF. 7.00 No Bids
59 USS RALEIGH, 30 Jan 39, Gonaives, VF. 6.00 No Bids
60 USS RICHMOND, 12 Mar 39, Gonaives; w/color cachet, VF. 7.00 No Bids
61 USS SAVANNAH, 4 May 38, Gonaives; w/color cachet, VF. 7.00 No Bids


Other Material

62 Collection of 34 souvenir sheets, MNH, VF. Includes #C121a (3), C144a, C169a, C176a (6), C190a (8), C195a (4), C202a (2), C211a (4), CO5a (5). Catalog Value $113.00 25.00 No Bids
63 Collection of 25 different multiples/full sheets ( 14 CTO, 9 MNH ). Catalog Value $180++ Mostly all 1965 thru 1974 issues. VF condition. 40.00 No Bids
64 Aerogrammes. First issue 50c Mint; same used; same Mint w/”Land of Smiles” overprint; same Used; same Mint w/ 0.70c ovpt/revalued; same Mint w/ 1.25 ovpt/revalued. Total of six items (four Mint, two Used). 6.00 8.00
65 Presentation Folder. Issued by the Government of Haiti on occasion of the NY 1956 International Philatelic Exposition. Size is 8” x 11”. Includes photo of President Magloire and his message to the Exposition event. VF. 5.00 35.00
66 SENEGAL Scott #C78. Commemorative stamp for Dr. Price Mars (1876-1969) famous Haitian author, diplomat, etc. This is a MNH imperforate stamp (750 issued) and a MNH DeLuxe Sheet (250 issued). 15.00 25.00


End of auction