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June 2010 Society Auction

Closed July 1, 2010

Lot Description M/B Realized
  Proofs and Essays    
1 Die proof of 20 centime of 1924, map of Caribbean in blue, as issued, on 6 in. wide by 8 1/4 in. card. The proof is impressed on a 3 in. by 3 ½ in. display area in center of card. Hinge marks on back. Sound and very clean on front. By American Bank Note Co., not numbered. VF.  $25.00 $310.00
2 Die proof of 50 centime of 1924, portrait of Louis Borno in black, orange frame, as issued, on 6 by 8 ¼ in. card with 3 by 3 ½ in. display area. Hinge marks on back. Sound and quite clean on front except for two small smudges not affecting proof. American Bank Note Co., not numbered. VF. 25.00 60.00
3 Die proof of 1 gourde of 1924, National Palace in olive green, as issued, on card 8 ¼ in wide by 6 in. high with central display area. Hinge marks on back. Sound and very clean on front. American Bank Note Co., not numbered. VF.  25.00 260.00
4 Die proof of 1 gourde of 1933, Kings Gallery in the Citidel in green, as issued, on piece of card with generous margins all around. Sound and clean and VF. American Bank Note Co. (not numbered) 20.00 40.00
5 Die proof of 35 centimes of 1928 “Coffee Bean” stamp in green as issued, on card 8 in. wide by 6 in. high with display area in center. American Bank Note Co. number 60104, sound and spotless, hinge marks on back. VF.  50.00 82.00
6 Die proof of 10 centimes of 1929 President Borno and Boundary Treaty with Dominican Republic in red as issued, on card 6 ½ in wide by 5 in high with central display area, stamped on card area “for approval”. American Bank Note Co., not numbered. Sound and spotless on front, hinge marks on back. VF.  25.00 62.00
7 Essays, unused design submitted by Cie. Litho. D’Haiti commemorating signing of Frontier Treaty with Dominican Republic. Two stamps, 5 centimes and 10 centimes both in brown on gummed paper with ample margins all around. Both are clean and sound and VF.   40.00 320.00
8 Die proof of issue of 1931 President Vincent and Anniversary of Joining the UPU 10 centimes red as issued on piece of card 4 ¼ in. wide by 3 ¼ in high, with display area in center American Bank Note Co. number 70491, very clean and fine on front, back has hinge marks. VF.   40.00 55.00
9 Die proof of issue of 1946, Capois-La-Mort, unfinished die with blank value tablet and without American Bank Note Co. imprint at bottom. Image is on piece of card 3 in. wide by 4 in. high and printed on central display area in black. At bottom of card in light pencil “Rotary Black” (no number). VF.   25.00 77.00
10 Die proofs from President Sam issue of 1898; 3,8,10, and 15 centimes values on album page in plastic mounts. All are on India paper with ample margins. The 3 centimes has in the bottom margin “C - 405” and the 15 centimes “C - 408” and both have the ABNC imprint at the bottom. The 8 and 10 centimes do not have these marks, and so are incomplete. All are VF.  40.00 82.00
11 Plate proofs of the three stamps in UPU colors, 1899, added to the President Sam issue. Four strips of three; 1 centime green, two of the 2 centime red (variation in shade), and 5 centimes light blue. All have full margins and are of the completed design by the American Bank Note Co. The strips of three are on cardboard. VF.    30.00 87.00
12 Proofs of the postage due issue of 1898, five items; the 2 centimes black, two of the 5 centimes brown, the 10 centimes orange, and the 50 centimes blue-gray. All have margins full enough to indicate that they may be die proofs. All were printed by the American Bank Note Co. on ungummed cardboard and are VF.  50.00 52.00
13 Proofs of the postage due issue of 1906. Six proofs on ungummed paper (probably India) two of the 2 centimes red, one of the 5 centimes blue, one of the 10 centimes violet, and two of the 50 centimes olive. One of the 2 centimes and one of the 50 centimes have close margins, the others have generous margins. All are completed American Bank Note Co. designs and all are VF.    45.00 52.00
14 Proofs of Liberty Heads, Scott #1-#6, cut from strip of all six values (1 centimes to 20 centimes) in vermillion on ungummed paper. All are hinge mounted to album page, other wise clean and VF. All have large margins.  90.00 361.00


Special Selection

15 Liberty Heads. Postal forgeries, ten used copies, all perforated, two each of 1, 2, 5, 7, and 20 centimes values. Half have some perforations close or cut into design. Overall condition is much better than average and is F to VF. 75.00 165.00
16 Fantasy/Bogus Items or possible Essays.  Three copies of a design of unknown origin. Lithographed, Coat of Arms of Haiti in center with REPUBLIQUE D’HAITI above and POSTE to either side. Below is a plain value tablet with a numeral and below that “Cts de Gde”. One five centimes in red on white paper, and two copies of seven centimes on blue paper. 15.00 130.00
17 Underpaid cover, New York to Port au Prince, Oct. 5, 1900, The cover has 2 cents US postage printed on it, and is short 3 cents, as the correct postage was 5 cents. Stamped with a double circle due marking, ‘T” in one and “centimes 15 NY” in the other. Also marked 6 (Haitian centimes) due in crayon. Backstamped Port au Prince, October 13. Very clean and sound and a nice example of underpaid mail. 25.00 No Bids
18 Registered cover Port au Prince to Boston, paid by 50 centimes Borno of 1924. Tied and cancelled by a Port au Prince date stamp and “US Customs Passed Free Boston Mass” in rectangle all in black. On reverse is return address for Leon Montes, PaP 5 May 1926 date stamp, and Boston 10 May stamp. Minor faults and almost VF. 5.00 No Bids
19 Ship letter, Gonaives 27 April 1847 to Boston, marked “duplicate” but clearly sent through mails, marked “ship” on front and 12 in circle. Twelve cents due paid the 2c ship letter fee and postage for over 300 miles. Merchants cachet on front. Entry mark for Philadelphia is somewhat fuzzy, dated May 20. The letter is one page in legible English and is very sound and clean for a ship letter this age. VF.   35.00 75.00
20 Folded letter Cayes to Port au Prince 30 March 1822 with French style handstamp “CAYES” identical or nearly so to Jamet #11 without a date, followed by “37 ½”. That amount in Centimes de Gourde is a likely amount for postage during the presidency of Boyer. One and a fraction page letter in English, neat but somewhat faint and not easily read. Letter is commercial and has to do with moneys owed. File folds that do not seriously detract otherwise sound and clean and VF. 50.00 825.00
21 Folded letter Cayes to Paris October 1827 with French style handstamp “CAYES” identical or nearly so to Jamet #5 for Cayes. COLONIES PAR LE HAVRE entry mark in red (Salles Vol. I, Fig. 41 R). Datestamp on back, November 17, 1824 in red. Paper is slightly fragile but the exterior is intact and appears sound. Inside missing a piece about 1 ½ cm by 3 cm. One page in French in a small hand but probably could be read by someone familiar with the language. Overall F-VF. 40.00 495.00
22 Folded letter Cape Haitien 6 June 1854 to Port au Prince with nice strike of the British style small double circle “CAP-HAITIEN” and inside the circle, JU 7 1854. Letter is sound and only very slightly soiled. Letters of this sort were probably carried by a coastal ship service. The rates for it have not been found. Faint horizontal file fold, otherwise VF. 30.00 135.00
23 Folded letter Gonaives 6 February 1846 to Boston, probably carried outside the mails to Port au Prince. Strike of Port Republicain (Port au Prince) negative oval handstamp, the only example seen of this marking. Strike of New York large circle with “SHIP APR 6 12cts” inside, two cents ship letter plus 10 cents postage New York to Boston. The letter has a vertical file fold slightly affecting the oval handstamp. Letter is two pages in English, legible, paper is sound and clean for this with a couple of small stains. Nice strike of one of the most scarce markings of Haiti.   100.00 2,255.00
24 Folded letter Gonaives to Bordeaux, 13 July 1848, with nice strike of the Gonaives negative oval handstamp. Letter has a strong strike of the British “GREENOCK SHIP LETTER” and date stamps for Greenock, London, Bologne, and Bordeaux. On the front is a partly visible strike of the Anglo-French treaty marking “COLONIES &tc. Art. 13” A French charge of 35 decimes is stricken and replaced by a charge of 45. Letter is two pages in English and can be read. Paper is sound,. Letter has a red stain, probably ink from another letter, and some light pencil notations that could be removed. Gonaives marking is almost VF and piece overall is F-VF.  75.00 655.00
25 Folded letter, St. Marc to Port au Prince, 28 June 1861, with VF strike of the British style small double circle marking, “St. MARC” on the double circle and “JU 27 1861” inside. Probably carried by a coastal ship service. Letter has a horizontal file fold through the bottom of the date stamp detracting only slightly. Paper is sound and item overall is very clean. VF. 25.00 255.00



26 #1. Horizontal pair (positions 49 & 50), Mint, VF. 9.00 12.00
27 #1. Horizontal strip of 3 (positions 28-30), Mint (one is MNH), VF.  14.00 35.00
28 #1. Plate Reconstruction, Mint, all positions except #11, 23 & 39. Cat Val of $423. F-VF condition. 175.00 310.00
29 #2. Horizontal pair, Mint (positions 41-42). VF. 11.00 16.00
30 #2. Horizontal strip of 5, Mint, (3 are MNH) (positions #23-27). VF. 60.00 77.00
31 #5. Mint, No Gum, position 34, Cat Val $22, VF. 4.00 8.00
32 #7. Postal Forgery, Perf 16, MNG, F-VF condition.   20.00 No Bids
33 #8. Postal Forgery, Perf 14, Used (no cancel markings), VG. 15.00 No Bids
34 #10. Postal Forgery, Perf 14, Used (partial Cap Haitien cancel),VF. 20.00 22.00
35 #11. Postal Forgery, Perf 14, Used (Cap Haitien?? 28 Jan 88 cancel). VF condition. 20.00 No Bids
36 #13. Postal Forgery, Perf 16, Mint (hinged), F-VF.  20.00 No Bids
37 #21-24. Bundles of 50 each of #22-24, and bundle of 25 of #21. Used, F-VF. 10.00 71.00
38 #25. Bundle of 50, Used, F-VF. 5.00 71.00
39 #46-51. Blocks of 4, Specimen overprint, MNH. #51 has some gum damaged; otherwise a VF set. 30.00 No Bids
40 #179. Inverted overprint, Mint (hinged), VF. 2.50 5.00
41 #181. Double overprint, Used, VF. 2.50 No Bids
42 #250. Inverted surcharge, MNH, VF. 2.50 4.00
43 #253. Horizontal pair with double surcharge, Mint (hinged), F-VF. 2.50 No Bids
44 #256. inverted surcharge Mint (hinged), VF. 2.50 4.00
45 #268. Block of 4, Mint (2 stamps are MNH). One stamp with double surcharge. VF. 5.00 No Bids
46 #270. Block of 10, MNH, VF. 2.00 2.00
47 #296. Both overprint and surcharge are inverted, Mint (hinged), VF. 2.50 6.00
48 #304. Inverted surcharge, Mint (hinged), F-VF. 2.50 5.00
49 #442-43, C136-38. Sheets of 25 (as issued), MNH,VF. 9.00 9.00
50 #836. Souvenir Sheet, MNH, VF. 1.00 4.00
51 #C19. Souvenir Sheets, Perf and Imperf, Used w/PauP FD cancels, VF. 10.00 No Bids
52 #C19-21 & C19a-21a. Souvenir Sheets (6 sheets), MNH. VF. 45.00 45.00
53 #C20 & C20a. Souvenir Sheets (2), Used w/PauP FD cancels. VF. 8.00 No Bids
54 #J18. Inverted overprint, Mint (hinged), F-VF. 3.50 21.00


U.S. Ships in Haitian Waters

55 USS DUPONT, Gonaives cancel of 6 April 1931, VF. 5.00 5.00
56 USS SARATOGA, Gonaives, Haiti, 21 October 1931, VF. 5.00 5.00
57 USS CHENCK, Gonaives, Haiti, 25 Jan 1931. Cover is a USA official penalty envelope mail addressed to Bureau of Navigation, Navy Dept, Wash, DC. VF. 7.00 10.00
58 USS SIRIUS, PauP, Haiti, 20 Oct 1933, F. 5.00 6.00
59 USS TEAL, Gonaives, Haiti, 1 April 1931, VF. 4.00 4.00
60 USS TEXAS, Gonaives, Haiti, 14 May 1934, F. 4.00 4.00
61 USS TUSCALOOSA, Cuba-Haiti Area, 25 March 1939, VF. 6.00 7.00
62 USS WOODCOCK, PauP, Haiti, 29 Dec 1933, VF. 6.00 6.00
63 USS WOODCOCK, PauP, Haiti, 19 March 1934, VF. 6.00 6.00
64 USS ZANE, Gonaives, Haiti, 17 May (1934 ?), VF. 3.00 5.00


First Day Covers

65 #421-23, C115-18. Blue cachet, VF. 2.00 No Bids
66 #444-46, C139-41. Black cachet, VF. 1.50 No Bids
67 #448-50, C145-47. Art Craft cachet, VF. 1.50 No Bids
68 #462-65, C163-65. VF. 1.50 2.50
69 #496-99, C200-02. VF. 2.00 3.00
70 #510-12, C223-26. Color cachet, VF. 1.50 No Bids
71 #611-15, C326-29. On 2 covers w/black cachets,VF. 8.00 10.00
72 #624-624G. These are the imperforate issues; very difficult to find on FDC. VF. 8.00 31.00
73 #809a.  Color cachet. A very scarce issue (more so on FDC), VF. 15.00 55.00
74 #B6-8, CB13-15. Black cachet, VF. 2.00 No Bids
75 #B20, CB30-31. Art Craft cachet, VF. 1.00 No Bids
76 #B31-34, CB49. Black cachet, VF. 2.00 No Bids
77 #C121a. Souvenir Sheet, VF. 4.00 No Bids
78 #C135a. Souvenir Sheet, VF. 1.00 No Bids
79 #C152a. Souvenir Sheet, VF. 2.25 No Bids
80 #C165a. Souvenir Sheet; Art Craft cachet, VF. 2.00 No Bids
81 #C169a. Souvenir Sheet; Art Craft cachet, VF 1.00 No Bids
82 #CB6-7. On 2 airmail envelopes, VF. 4.00 9.00


Postal Stationery

83 H&G #1-3, Mint, F-VF. 3.00 4.00
84 H&G #4-6 (double post cards), Mint, VF. 3.00 4.00
85 Formula Card H&G #7; Lloyd#F9, with Scott #1 attached,Mint,VF. 10.00 No Bids
86 Formula Card H&G #7; Lloyd#F9, w/Scott #9 attached. Mint, VF. 10.00 No Bids
87 Formula Card H&G #9; Lloyd#12, w/Scott #23 attached, Mint, VF. 10.00 No Bids
88 Formula Card H&G #11; Lloyd#13, w/Scott #23 attached, Mint, VF. 10.00 No Bids



89 US Postage Due in Haiti (Scott #J61). Block of 4, Used. Block bearing hand- stamp of the Haitian Customs (partial only). NOTE: Haitian Customs were under the direction of US military during the US occupation of Haiti (1915-1934). It is believed that postage due stamps of the US were used to pay for insufficient postage and thus stamped with Haitian cancellation. This usage is extremely rare. Four copies were previously sold in the HPS auction of Sep 2004. See article about these stamps published in the December 2008 (page 62) issue of HAITI PHILATELY. VF. 10.00 51.00
90 Consular Tax Stamp. 5 Gourdes, Used w/violet double circle cancel of CONSULAT D’ HAITI/ SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS”. VF. 3.50 No Bids
91 Collector Souvenir Folder. 1949 Bicentenary of PauP, Fine-VF. 2.00 No Bids
92 AVIS de RECEPTION Card with #766 & Petion-Ville cancel of 24 Mar 1993. 1.25 1.25
93 Map of the West Indies (12” x 9”). Edition 1899. Map shows mail steamer lines; 6 different countries. F-VF. 5.00 12.00
94 Handbook. Leon Montes, " La Timbrologie Haitienne, 1881-1954". 20.00 31.00
95 "Short History of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, 1847-1967". Editor: HAPAG Line. A 36 page pamphlet with illustrations in black and white. Very fine condition. Ex- F. Burton Sellers’ Library. 40.00 72.00
96 "Short History of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, 1847-1967". Editor: HAPAG Line. A 36 page pamphlet with illustrations in black and white. Very fine condition. Ex- F. Burton Sellers’ Library. 10.00 24.00
97 "A Century of German Ship Posts, 1886-1986" by Edwin Drechsel.  113 pages.    This a photocopy of the edition published by the APS.   An extraordinary extensive work.  This publication includes 100’s of postmarks and cancellations used by German ships to include the HAPAG Line that provided service to Haiti.  Ex-Sellers’ Library. 25.00 25.00
98 Collection of 134 stamps issued thru 1940, all different. Mostly Used condition with a good variety of cancellations (mostly PauP). Collection includes 9 copies of Liberty Heads including # 3-5, 7-11, and 13 (all used). Fine condition. None 31.00


End of auction