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June 2007 Society Auction

Closed July 5, 2007

Lot Description M/B Realized
  Books, Map, Bundled Covers    
1 Jamet, Maurice. 150 ANS D’HISTOIRE POSTALE DES ANCIENNES COLONIES FRANCAISES. Paris, 1980. Used copy, out-of print. Good condition, with some clear tape mending on spine. Weight: 18 oz. Excellent resource for Saint Domingue. $25.00 $50.00
2 Montès, Leon LA TIMBROLIGIE HAITIENNE 1881-1954. PaP, 1954. Used copy bound in leather. Out-of-print work signed by author and presented to Mario Garfi. Good condition.  Some annotations by Garfi in ink. Weight: 18 oz.  50.00 104.00
3 McCrocken, James GARDE D’HAITI 1915-1934. Annapolis, 1954. Good copy with original dust jacket. Essential work for the Garde founded by the USMC. Weight: 22 oz. 40.00 No Bids
4 Schmidt, Hans. THE U.S. OCCUPATION OF HAITI, 1915-1934.Rutgers, 1971. Out of print with original dust jacket. VG condition. Essential work for USMC in Haiti. 303 pp. Weight: 22 oz.  40.00 56.00
5 Map of Haiti. Topographical map (36x38 inches)  with great detail. Information on navigation lines, lighthouses, weather, etc. Circa 1915. Wonderful large insert of  street map for PaP in 1912 showing location of many historical buildings. Great library’s wall and/or town cancel collector. Heavy canvas-backed  paper, with taped backside to facilitate folding.  35.00 70.00
6 Bundle of 21 covers from pre-1920’s (6) and 1930’s (15) that are mostly commercial. Some duplication of stamps. Condition varies. 20.00 No Bids
7 Bundle of 48 covers from 1940’s (18) and 1950’s (30) that are mostly commercial or private mail, with a few fdcs,  Little duplication. Condition varies. 17.50 No Bids
8 Bundle of 80 covers from 1960’s, with a little duplication. Mostly commercial or private mail. 30.00 30.00
9 Bundle of 24 covers from 1970’s that are commercial or private mail. Little duplication. Condition varies. 7.50 7.50
10 Bundle of 36 covers from 1980’s (19) and 1990’s (17) that are commercial or private mail.  Some duplication. Condition and size of covers vary. 12.50 12.50


U.S. Navy in Haitian Waters

11 USS BROOKLYN, 3.25.1939, Gonaives. Type 3. Beautiful Crosby cover with b/w photo of USS GUAM. 8.50 8.50
12 USS BROOKS. 4.1.1929. Gonaives, Type 3. VF penalty. Lot also includes separate pcd with b/w photo of the BROOKS. 7.50 9.00
13 USS BRUCE, 2.10.1928, Gonaives, Type 3. Good strike on penalty cover. Writing consisting of many numbers on face of cover. 6.50 7.00
14 USS CASE. 4.1.1929. Gonaives, Type 3. Fair strike, with reduced top at left. 5.00 6.00
15 USS CHARLES AUSBURN. 1.27.1928. Gonaives, Type 3. Faint strike, otherwise fine. 7.00 7.00
16 USS CHANDLER. 2.10.1939. Gonaives, Type 3. Fine strike. 9.50 10.00
17 USS CHAUMONT. 4.5.1931. Gonaives, Type 3. Large cachet, VF strike and cover. 6.00 6.00
18 USS CHAUMONT. 6.12.1933. Port-au-Prince, Type 5. In killerbars, PORT-AU-PRINCE/FLAG DAY. Reduced piece.  Good strike. 8.50 9.00
19 USS COLE. 1.29.1932. Gonaives, Type 3. Fair strike in blue ink. 5.00 5.00
20 USS CONCORD. 1.22.1927. Gonaives, Type 3. Fair to good strike. Small cachet upper left corner. 7.50 8.00



(SDPC= sunken die proof on cardboard)

(DPP=die proof on paper)

(Dimensions vary)

21 Scott #C23   die proof on card (78 x 58 mm). Fine. 35.00 35.00
22 #349 SDPC (128 x 95 mm) VF. 45.00 $45.00
23 #350 SDPC (128 x 95 mm). VF. 45.00 No Bids
24 #351 SDPC (128 x 95 mm). VF. 45.00 No Bids
25 #352 SDPC (133 x 95 mm). VF. 45.00 No Bids
26 #353 SDPC (135 x 94 mm). VF. 45.00 No Bids
27 #354 SDPC (135 x 94 mm). VF 45.00 No Bids
28 #C22 SDPC (135 x 95 mm) VF. 45.00 No Bids
29 #C23 SDPC (135 x 95 mm). VF.   45.00 No Bids
30 #379 SDPC (78 x 85 mm). F. Denomination does not appear. 45.00 45.00
31 #379 SDPC (78 x 85 mm). F. 45.00 45.00
32 #380A SDPC (125 x 128 mm). VF 45.00 No Bids


Errors/Varieties  (H = hinged)

33 Scott #335. MH. Vignettes appear on front and back (gummed side). 12.50 13.00
34 #336. MH. Horizontally imperforate at top. Some foxing. 10.00 No Bids
35 #336. Pair MH. Horizontally imperforate at  bottom. 15.00 17.00
36 #335. MH. Imperforate. 10.00 13.00
37 #335. MH block of 4. Vertically imperforate at center. 25.00 52.00
38 #358. MH. Three sets of surcharge bars. 7.50 8.00
39 #358. MH. Double surcharge. 8.00 9.00
40 #359. MH Block of 9, with position 5 overprinted “01.0” 14.50 15.00
41 #360. Used H. One set of bars missing. 7.50 7.50
42 #C24b. MH . Double surcharge. 52.50 65.00
43 #C24. MH Block of 4. Stamp in position 3 has accent mark over “0”. 35.00 No Bids
44 #387-388. MH. Inverted surcharge. 15.00 15.00
45 #385, 387-388. MH surcharged as “.0.10” and not “0.10”. 17.50 20.00
46 #C49a MH (see Scott description). 60.00 90.00
47 #C50a. Block of 4 MH 42.50 45.00


Censored Covers (External and Two Rare Internal)

48 Canada: PaP-Montréal, 1941, paid by 1,50 Gdes,with EXAMINED BY CENSOR  C.14 tape. F. 6.00 No Bids
49 Canada: PaP-Toronto, 1941, paid by 35 cts., with EXAMINED BY CENSOR C68 tape. One stamp on cover’s back removed. F. 4.00 No Bids
50 Canada: Cap-Haitien-Toronto, 1944, with bi-lingual PASSED BY CENSOR DB/8 handstamp. F. 5.00 No Bids
51 Canada: PaP-Regina, 1941, paid by 10 cts, with an EXAMINED BY CENSOR C. 81 tape.  VF. 5.50 No Bids
52 Jamaica: PaP-Cross Roads, 1941, paid by 50 cts, with 2 OPENED BY CENSOR (in red) tapes. VF. 12.50 14.00
53 Curacao: PaP-Caracas, 1941, paid by 10 cts., with "censorship stop" in Curaçao, where GEZIEN CENSUUR handstamp in red ink applied on front of cover. VF. 12.50 21.00
54 Britain: Hinche-Pennycroft, 1940, paid by 25 cts, with OPENED BY EXAMINER 1871 P.C. 90 tape. Has Hinche psmk.  Good. 7.50 16.00
55 Britain: PaP-Glasgow, 1941, paid by 25 cts, with OPENED BY EXAMINER 455 P.C. 90 tape. VF. 7.50 8.00
56 Guadaloupe: PaP-Pointe à Pitre, 1941 paid by ? (postage missing), with pink tape tied to cover with CONTROLE POSTAL handstamp. 4.00 No Bids
57 Guadaloupe: PaP-Basse Terre, date ?, paid by 1 Gde, with US Scotch Tape EXAMINED BY 64073 and 2 CONTROL POSTAL handstamps. Good. 4.00 4.00
58 Internal Haiti; CH-PaP, 1945, paid  by 25 cts, with exceptionally rare GARDE D’HAITI OUVERT PAR LA CENSURE tape. Censorship label entirely on back of cover. (For more information see HP XVI: 3, p. 5) Link to Society Auction Lot 58 image 110.00 110.00
59 Internal Haiti. Port de Paix-PaP, 1945, paid by 15 cts, with very rare BUREAU DE LA POLICE OUVERT PAR LA CENSURE tape (See HP XVI: 3, p. 53).    Tape  reduced to fit envelope. Link to Society Auction Lot 59 image 110.00 110.00


Diplomatic Covers

(Most exempt from payment of postage)

60 Britain. British Consul General Hayti hand stamp on cover to England, paid by 5 c. de p. 1909. F. Imprinted at top ON HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE. 6.50 15.00
61 Canada. Hand stamp of Embassy of Canada in PaP  as return address. PaP- Canada, paid by 80 cts. Note Canadian TB seal on back. F. 4.00 No Bids
62 Dominican Republic. Legation of DR in PaP to US, paid by 60 cts., 1935. F 4.00 4.00
63 Haiti. Consulate in NYC in city, 1953, with boxed (in blue ink) CONSULAR FREE MAIL. Consular hand stamp on front and back. 5.00 5.00
64 Haiti. Consulate of Haiti in NYC in city, date ?, with boxed CONSULAR FREE MAIL (in violet ink). Rough tear at top. F. 3.50 No Bids
65 Italy. Legation in PAP to Rome, 1951, paid by 1.50 Gdes, with JUSQU"EN FRANCE hand stamp. Rough tear at vertical right. 3.50 3.50
66 Italy. Embassy in PaP to Washington, paid by 50 cts., 1966. Also with Embassy hand stamp. F. 5.00 No Bids
67 Haiti. Embassy in Canada to Montreal, 1955, with DIPLOMATIC MAIL/FREE hand stamp (blue ink). F. 5.00 No Bids
68 Haiti. Embassy in Washington to Baltimore, 1956, with DIPLOMATIC MAIL/FREE hand stamp (black ink). F. 5.00 No Bids
69 Haiti. Legation in Washington in city, 1940, with LEGATION D’HAITI/ WASHINGTON hand stamp, VF. 6.00 No Bids
70 Haiti. Legation in Washington to Virginia, 1942 (?), with DIPLOMATIC MAIL/FREE hand stamp (in violet) 6.00 No Bids
71 Haitian Am. Institute in PaP in city, 1946, with boxed CORRESPONDENCE DIPLOMATIQUE/FRANCHISE POSTALE PANAMERICAINE (blue ink). VF. 10.00 10.00
72 Legation of the USA in PaP in city, 1939, with boxed CORRESPONDENCE DIPLOMATIQUE/FRANCHISE POSTALE PANAMERICAINE (in black ink). VF. 10.00 No Bids
73 UN in Haiti to Montréal via NYC, 1961. Sent via pouch to UN where UN postage applied and canceled. Opened on 3 sides. Fine. 8.50 No Bids
74 UN in Haiti to Montreal via NYC. Sent via pouch to UN where UN postage applied and cancelled. Opened on 3 sides. NYC, 1960. VF 8.50 No Bids
75 UN in NYC to PaP. Sent via pouch (?) and postmarked PaP, 5.25.1994. Opened on 2
sides. Fine.
5.00 No Bids


Revenue Documents

76 1828, December 22. Customs document prepared at Jacmel. 12”x 8,” with toning. Paid by 12 centimes appearing in 12 centimes oval handstamp reading REPUBLIQUE D’HAITI Good condition given its age! Link to Society Auction Lot 76 image 20.00 56.00
77 1838, June 6. I.O.U. prepared at Jacmel. 12” x 8”, with some mended tears, otherwise VG condition. Paid by 12 centimes appearing in 12 centimes oval handstamp REPUBLIQUE D’HAYTI. Note the variant spelling for Haiti. Very nice
strike of handstamp! Link to Society Auction Lot 77 image
20.00 54.00
78 1979, June 26. Receipt for car payment issued at PaP. 7 ½” x 6 ½”. Some wrinkles. Taxed 3,80 gourdes. Of the 5 rev. stamps applied, one consists of Scott C399 converted to a revenue stamp (TIMBRE MOBILE) in the amount of 2 gourdes. This type doc. becoming scarcer. Link to Society Auction Lot 78 image 6.50 15.00


Special Handling & Handstamps

79 AFFRANCHIE (postage paid) handstamp, Cap Haitien (?)-France. Amt. paid for postage appears in ms. On back handstamp dated June 14, 1907. For examples of this rare handstamp, see HP XVI:2, p. 43. Beautiful and neat. Link to Society Auction Lot 79 image 175.00 175.00
80 AFFRANCHISSEMENT INSUFFISANT (insufficient postage) boxed handstamp in black on 1944 censored airmail PaP-Costa Rica. Vertical fold. Good cond. Link to Society Auction Lot 80 image 5.50 No Bids
81 AFFRANCHISSEMENT INSUFFISANT (insufficient postage). 2-line handstamp in blue on 1956 airmail PaP-Chicago. Good condition; opened on 3 sides. Link to Society Auction Lot 81 image 5.00 15.00
82 AR (reception notice) in black on PaP in city. Stunning, neat 1943 cover. Link to Society Auction Lot 82 image 30.00 No Bids
83 POSTE PAYE (postage paid) in ms. blue pencil on CH-France. Cap Haitien postmark, January 1912, with Le Havre receiving mark, February 6, 1912. Good condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 83 image 25.00 25.00
84 PORTS PAYES (postage paid) in red ms. On CH-France. Amt. paid for postage indicated in ms.CH postmark March 15, 1908. Very fine. Link to Society Auction Lot 84 image 50.00 100.00
85 PP or POST PAYE (postage paid) handstamp. Port-de Paix-PaP, with Port de Paix datestamp. June 19, 1898. On front in ms. “No stamps on hand at post office. The two p’s of PP are not aligned, with one higher than other. Very rare. Good condition. Link to Society Auction Lot 85 image 200.00 312.00
86 PP or POST PAYE (postage paid) handstamp. Port de Paix-Paris, with Port de Paix datestamp. December 31, 1891. French arrival datestamp, Jan 21, 1892. The two p’s
are beautifully aligned and a different handstamp style from preceding. Stunning, very neat. Rare. Link to Society Auction Lot 86 image
225.00 362.00
87 Boxed POSTE PAYE (postage paid) handstamp. Jacmel to France, with Jacmel datestamp, Feb. 8, 1893. Toning. Cover illustrated on p. 68, of HP, XII:3. Illegible arrival stamps on back. Handstamp very rare on cover! Link to Society Auction Lot 87 image 175.00 175.00


Special Selection

88 Paper money, 1G and 2 G notes from the presidency of Geffrard. Both are entirely legible with picture of Geffrard, and both have a chip missing in the margin, not affecting the printing. Numerous pressed out creases and wrinkles, but in sound condition considering. Link to Society Auction Lot 88 images 10.00 20.00
89 Scott #1 unused, about 125 copies plated and sorted into small envelopes. All positions are represented except 14, 44 and 45. Most are 4 margin copies and, as usual for a group this size, there a numerous without gum. Average condition is somewhat better than average for a group this size. 75.00 No Bids
90 #1 used, about 135 copies plated and sorted into small envelopes. All positions are represented except for 9, 13, 21, and 45. Not many worthwhile cancels, but condition probably better than average for a group this size. 50.00 62.00
91 #6 used, about 110 copies plated and sorted into small envelopes. All positions are represented except 5, 10, 19, 27, 32, 39, and 50. Many are sound, four margin copies. Fine overall condition. 150.00 179.00
92 #6 mint horizontal pair, very fine with full margins and original gum (has gum disturbances), no nicks, tears, etc. VF and scarce. 100.00 No Bids
93 #6 mint single, almost very fine with full margins and original gum (faint hinge mark). Sound without nicks, tears, etc, VF. 40.00 40.00
94 #6 used horizontal pair, VF with part of cds strikes at left and right. Sound and free of faults, VF. 25.00 40.00
95 #6 used, position 50 with attached diagonal bisect of position 49. Used to pay 30c rate? Full margins, sound, and free of faults. Interesting piece, quite unusual
for Haiti. Link to Society Auction Lot 95 image
25.00 No Bids
96 #1 mint horizontal pair, nice and fresh with full margins and free of faults. Gum disturbance on back from hinge. VF. 14.00 16.00
97 #1 used pair, with ‘poste paye’ in rectangle handstamp nearly centered on the pair (all of the marking falls on the stamps). Lettering in the handstamp is somewhat faint, but a nice example of this. Margins of pair are close, but pair is
sound and attractive. Almost VF. Link to Society Auction Lot 97 image
25.00 32.00
98 Folded ship letter, commercial, from Port au Prince dated 1824 to Kennebunk, Mass. Marking showing arrival at Holms Hole, Massachusetts, with manuscript date. Marked in manuscript “Ship 20”. Relatively clean and free of faults. 20.00 25.00
99 Packet letter, 1839, from Cap Haitien to London by Falmouth Packet. Contents are a commercial letter in English. On reverse is a neat and clear London arrival stamp 9 June 1839. On the front addressed to Huth & Co. and charged 2/3, the packet rate at that time. Vertical folds at left and right have been pressed out. Otherwise clean and fine 25.00 50.00
100 Folded ship letter, Port au Prince 1857 to Boston via New York. Contains a commercial message in English. The front shows a forwarder’s marking, but the name of the forwarder in not clear. The letter also has a very nice strike of the large circle New York Ship 5 cts with the date Sep 28. Horizontal and vertical folds have been pressed out, otherwise clean. 15.00 20.00
101 Withdrawn    
102 Folded letter, Port au Prince 1878 to New York. Arrival is marked by New York “opera glass” double circle, due 5 cents. Commercial message in English. Two vertical file folds, somewhat pressed out, otherwise VF. Marked in manuscript "pr Ailea via Navassa". 20.00 No Bids
103 Letter in envelope, Port au Prince 1872 to Boston, personal letter in English. Envelope has nice strike of a Boston Ship 4 (cents due) marking. Letter is sorrowful; the writer apparently is answering a communication informing him of the death of the wife of his son. Envelope is somewhat soiled and toned and has stains on back. Letter is clean and sound. 20.00 27.00
104 Two folded letter cover sheets one to Paris, one to Havre. One, dated 1875, has the datestamp of the British office at Port au Prince. The other, dated 1880, was directed to go by Royal Mail but evidently did not. It received a French “Foreign countries” datestamp and the small T in triangle postage due marking. Both were charged 12 decimes due in France. Both have folding and staining faults that are not serious. Link to Society Auction Lot 104 images 20.00 50.00
104A Essay for the 1891 issue. Numbered proof on paper. 2cts in red. VF. Link to Society Auction Lot 104A image 100.00 180.00
105 Collection of about 475 stamps, mint and used, variety of cancellations, between Scott #39 and #714; some airmails and back of the book. Minor duplication. Condition is excellent. Over $125 catalog value. 35.00 40.00
106 Scott #442-443, C136-138, issued in sheets of 25 ( 5 sheets), MNH, Catalog value $88.50++, VF condition. 30.00 No Bids
107 #B1 & CB1-2, Mint, very light hinge mark, VF. 20.00 30.00


End of auction